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War Water 50ML

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War water is a traditional hoodoo magic water.  It is used to overcome hexes and curses and send them back to the creator. It is either sent to the creator of the curse by post, smashed on their doorstep (please be careful of the glass!) or thrown at the enemy.

I use it for protection, reversing curses, banishing negativity, and hexes. Using it in placing curses, declaring war on an enemy, and causing harm is equally frequent. As with all magick, the intent behind the magick is where the shades of magick are determined.

Approx 50ml. Dilute 1 teaspoon per 1 litre of water. A little goes a very long way!


Unfortunately, like medicine, magic cannot offer guaranteed results. Even when given the best medicine, and the most up to date treatment, some diseases cannot be cured, and similarly, despite the most through and well crafted magical interventions, some situations resist change. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, I can guarantee that all my workings are undertaken following traditional methods, according to traditional recipes, using traditional ingredients. Your faith is an essential ingredient in the work, along with reasonable efforts to allow the magic to take effect in your life through efforts to improve your situation in the worldly sphere.

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    Solitary Morrigan
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Rachel Brookes - Appleton

Yes yes yes! Exactly what I needed. Thank you xx

Oliver Semp - Manchester

Actually bloody works!

Gunilla B - Brighton

Used this on a fellow coven member after I started feeling very bad vibes coming my way. Had quite a giggle 'accidentally' spilling some on her - couldn't quite bring myself to throw it at her. And what do you know, the bad vibes are gone and she's looking rather sheepish these days