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The Morrigan Inner Strength Spell

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~☆~ Fearsome Queen Morrigan of the Ravens
I am your Sword and Shield, your Warrior
Protect me from all harm in the face of life's trials
May my thoughts be steady, and my Heart calm
May I be in the present, Focused and Attentive
May my Actions be True and Wise
Cover me with Resilience, so I may move to my highest Potential ~☆~

The Morrigan is not just the Goddess of war, but also the Goddess of strength.

She represents mentally and emotionally strong individuals. She will build your inner strength.

Inner strength means the possession of willpower, self-discipline and staying power.

It is resilience, perseverance and tenacity.

It expresses itself as assertiveness, courage, and the ability to withstand difficulties and obstacles.

Inner strength is like a powerful engine that drives you forward, towards accomplishment and achievement.

It is like a powerful battery that gives you the power, endurance and discipline to carry on in situations, where other people fail or break down emotionally and physically.

Inner strength is an essential skill, necessary for carrying out tasks, chores and decisions, and for the achievement of goals. Without it, it is difficult to start anything, and it is difficult to get to the finish line.

This spell is for regaining or achieving inner strength in dealing with difficult problems, new ventures or just the trials and tribulations of daily life.

We all need a boost sometimes!

What I will need from you, your name, date of birth, a brief outline of your problems and photo sent to kate@solitarymorrigan.co.uk



Unfortunately, like medicine, magic cannot offer guaranteed results. Even when given the best medicine, and the most up to date treatment, some diseases cannot be cured, and similarly, despite the most through and well crafted magical interventions, some situations resist change. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, I can guarantee that all my workings are undertaken following traditional methods, according to traditional recipes, using traditional ingredients. Your faith is an essential ingredient in the work, along with reasonable efforts to allow the magic to take effect in your life through efforts to improve your situation in the worldly sphere..

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