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Spell Powders

Handmade magical powders, spell powders and blessing powders made using the finest ingredients and genuine family recipes from both the traditional witchcraft and hoodoo traditions.
Each of my powders contain potent, hand crafted mixtures of herbs, essential oils and various magickal components to help assist one with manifesting their magickal intent by means of spellwork or rituals. Spell powders are quite versatile and can be used for numerous ritual and magickal purposes.


You can use powders and oils in a lot of ways. You can use both the matching oil and powder on a candle before it is burnt to aid the magical work - a few drops of Lust Oil and a sprinkling of Lust Powder on a red candle will help in a lust spell.  

Powders and oils can also be used in mojo bags, gris gris bags and magical pouches as well as anointing candles, wearing on your skin (please make sure this is safe first by asking!), cleansing altars, tools and homes, charging amulets, talismans and spell jars and bottles, adding to honey jars and more.

They can be sprinkled around your home or personal items that have some link to your magical work (for example, for workings for money, sprinkle in or around your purse) or they can be sprinkled around the intended persons home or items (for example, a crossing powder could be sprinkled around the home of someone you wish to cross and then a candle fixed (anointed) with crossing oil burnt).  

Some of our oils and powders contain toxic herbs or herbs that may cause an allergy so they must not be taken internally or used on the skin.

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