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14 June 2020

I am hugely excited to introduce Mother Ashanti to the website.

Ashanti's Knowledge of Voodoo and Rootwork is so extensive that I have given her a whole section of the website. I will let Ashanti introduce herself...........

"My ancestors originate from Dahomey in West Africa and have passed down through our generations their wonderful knowledge of Vodou and Rootwork.

I was born in Louisiana and moved to the UK 10 years ago. My mother was widely respected in the Louisiana community as a practitioner and passed down all her knowledge to me.

I work closely with the Loas and have a close affinity with Erzulie who works with me in my love rituals.

I have brought my ancestors knowledge with me and look forwards to working with you.

If you would like consult with me via whatsapp please email me your questions to and I will arrange a time to speak with you.!

27th May 2020

Summer Solstice OFFER

This is my absolute favourite time of the year  for every spell or reading you order you will be able to purchase a second for yourself at HALF PRICE until June 30th 2020. ( Must be for yourself and purchased at the same time.

14 April 2020

I am hugely excited to introduce Shilpa Devi to the website. Shilpa has been my close friend and a highly respected Witch for many many years. I have been begging her to come and work with me for a long time and she has finally agreed to join Solitary Morrigan to work alongside me.

Shilpa comes from Punjab India and now settled in the UK. Her grandmother possessed spiritual powers and worked with the villages in Punjab using natural resources. Later this gift was passed to her father and sister who have helped many people in their journey.  In relation to Shilpa, she was just 8 years old, she remembers walking around her family home and seeing and feeling spirits. Her keen interest led her to work in science, Vastu and candle work. Her area of work is only candle work and love spells.

Shilpa Devi's practice of candle rituals and Vastu is the culmination of all of the ancient Indian Sciences to help individuals grow and succeed in love. The remedies, which enhance the positive effects of these planets and help to counterbalance the negative energies help achieve the results you are looking for. Shilpa is an expert in the area of love and marriage, from fall in love with me spell's to make him love me more. I am able to combine, science and candles to give you the results.

To begin with you will be able to choose either myself, Luci or Shilpa to perform the following Candle Burning Service

Confidence Boosting Candle Burning Service

Health Candle Burning Service

House Blessing Candle Burning Service

Love Candle Burning Service

Passion & Lust Candle Burning Service

Protection Candle Burning Service

31st March 2020

April Offer

There will be a 20% discount applied across the site during April 2020
To receive this offer which starts on 1st April 2020 use the voucher code SM0420
Offer available until 1st May 2020 1am GMT

14 March 2020

There are a lot of people jumping onto the bandwagon and claiming that they can do a spell to prevent Coronavirus but it's not true.

There are ways you can protect yourself though.

You can do what I did.

I used protection oil in a solution of water and washed my house down.

I placed black tourmaline crystals by every window and door.

I made little drawstring bags and witch balls filled black witches salt and hung them in every room. I bought rubbing alcohol from ebay and mixed it with aloe vera and rosemary essential oil to make hand sanitizer

Although I do sell protection oil and Black Witch's Salt they are very easy to make yourself. Below are the recipes.

Black Salt

2 parts sea salt
1 part scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot OR
1 part fine ash from your fire pit OR
1 part finely ground black pepper
Depending on the density of your colouring ingredient, you may need to adjust the portions a little, but that’s the basic method of making it. If you have a well-seasoned cast iron pot or cauldron, you should be able to get a good amount of black scrapings out of the bottom of it — if it seems too oily, use the ash or pepper instead. I also recommended using black chalk dust, black powdered food dye, or lamplight.

Don’t confuse this concoction, however, with the black salt used in Indian cuisine — that item is actually a mineral salt which is a weird pinkish gray color and has a bit of a sulfuric taste to it

Black Salt for Protection Magic
As mentioned, black salt is primarily a protective magical tool. I like to sprinkle it around the perimeter of my property a few times a year to keep unpleasant people or things from crossing into my Property. I have also filled small drawstring bags and hung one above the door in each room of my house.

Protection Oil
Blend up a bit of magical protection oil to keep yourself safe from psychic and magical attacks. This magical blend that includes lavender and mugwort can be used around your home and property, your car, or on people whom you wish to protect.

To make Protection Oil, use 1/8 Cup base oil of your choice. Add the following:

4 drops Patchouli
3 drops Lavender
1 drop Mugwort
1 drop Hyssop
As you blend the oils, visualize your intent, and take in the aroma. Know that this oil is sacred and magical. Label, date, and store in a cool, dark place.

Use Protection Oil to anoint yourself and those in your home. 

Add drops of the oil to washing solution and wash down your house.

Hand Sanitiser

2 parts rubbing alcohol 99% Proof (available on ebay)

1 part aloe vera gel (available on ebay)

Rosemary or lavender essential oil

Just mix together


6th March 2020

Two new categories have been added. Gifts and Mother's Day (Limited Time}

20 February 2020

I am hugely excited to introduce Mariana to the website. Mariana has joined Solitary Morrigan to work alongside myself and Lucie. To begin with you will be able to choose either myself or Mariana to perform the following Readings:

2 Question Psychic Reading

5 Question Psychic Reading

3 Question Yes/No Pendulum Reading

30 Minute Telephone reading

60 Minute Telephone Reading

A bit about Mariana :

I was born psychic medium. I'm 5th generation of psychic medium from my maternal line.

I was born with a veil which in my culture means, I was given strong psychic abilities and good luck.

I'm a clairvoyant, clairscentient, clairaudient, claircognizant and an empath.

My readings are very relaxed. I will transmit to you what I see, feel, hear, smell or just know as I receive it. Maybe It won't make sense to me but it will have a deep meaning for you.

04 February 2020
Some people have contacted me to say they dont get their newsletter with offers and promotions. Please check your spem/junk folder....ikt will most p;robably be in there xx

27 January 2020

New Products

Money Drawing Spell Candles

These stunning handcrafted candles are to attract wealth, money and abundance.

Come To Me Candles

These stunning handcrafted candles are to attract love, romance, and passion.

Valentine's Day Spell Soap

The Valentine's Day Love Spell Soap releases a heady aroma that will open your heart and let love in.

Obsession Spell Soap

Hints of Lavender & Rose essential oils and finished with petals and Himalayan Salt.

Money Drawing Spell Soap

This gorgeous Money Drawing Spell Soap releases a heady aroma peppermint, patchouli, chamomile and orange.

Come to Me Spell Soap

This luxurious ritual soap is used to make the person you love think about you, want you, call you, come to you

Valentine's Day Love Spell

This Valentine's Day Love Spell will help you and your Valentine to find each other....and live happily ever after.

To Ravage An Enemy

Gloriously dark and baneful. This will fill your target's mind with an uncontrollable rage and pull their life apart

Leraje's Curse to Kill Love

The perfect anti Valentines spell- split them up once and for all

15 January 2020

I am hugely excited to introduce Luci Wolfe to the website. Luci has joined Solitary Morrigan to work alongside me. To begin with you will be able to choose either myself or Luci to perform the following spells
Obsession Spell
Commitment Phobia Spell
Return Your Lover Spell
Bitch Be Gone Spell

If you are feeling extra daring you are also given the option of doubling up and choosing both of us to perform the spell at the same time to double the power generated!!!

Luci is not only an amazing witch, she is also an excellent Tarot reader and you will have the  choice of picking either her or me to give your reading on 
1 Card Tarot Reading
3 Card Tarot Reading
Love Tarot
Career Tarot

As time goes on Luci will be joining me on more read up on her bio on my About us page,

12 January 2020
The year has got of to a great start. 
I have added some new Love and Passion Pathworkings and will be updating the other pathworking categories over the next week.
The Control and Domination spell is amazing....i have used it personally on many occasions with fantastic results.
Also new in is the Reverse Obsession Spell to rid yourself of stalkers and unwanted exes
and the Reunite Family & Friends Spell which brings back those people that we really miss into our lives.

I have a huge new stock of herbs that will be added to the spell supplies this week.... along with a new DIY Spell Kit for the Sh*t and Flush Spell

9th Nobember 2019


Flash Sale

Bring LOVE into your life for Christmas, Improve your finances before the big Xmas spend, Discover whether you will meet your soulmate over the festive season.....Or just treat yourself

To perk everyone up now that we have to wait another 12 months for the next Samhain celebrations I am having a 48 hour FLASH SALE.

Absolutely EVERYTHING on the site is discounted by 30% over the next 48 hours.

So....every order you put through between now at 12pm mid day Monday 11th November will receive a 30% discount with the code SM48 at the check out.

18th October 2019

As many of my regular clients now I had a devastating fire in my home and lost nearly everything. I closed the business for a couple of weeks to reassess where i was up to and regroup. I am now getting back on track and work has resumed.
I would lie to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent kind wishes and supported me through this difficult time. I have truly found out who and what is important in life :-)

25th September 2019


I have added a few new products to the shop this month and will continue to increase my stock weekly. 

All orders over £25 will get FREE UK DELIVERY


D.U.M.E Oil is the Most Powerful Black Magick Oil there is.

D.U.M.E stands for Do Unto My Enemies.  It is used for enemy spell work, to send back to them whatever they have sent out. If someone is causing trouble or harm for you or your family, use D.U.M.E. Oil to destroy them and bring about your desired outcome.

D.U.M.E Oil takes many months to create so my stocks are limited to a first come first served basis.

Learn More



The beautiful yet simple Come to Me Spell tealight candles are the perfect booster candles to give your spells a lovely little kick. Light them and use them to charge up mojo bags or sugar/honey jars.

All organic botanicals and spices are used to help align you with the proper frequency. These candles are also great to set the scene for a romantic evening for two during a candle lit dinner, surrounding the bathtub for a little ambience, or placed near your night stand to release the lovely aroma.

These stunning handcrafted candles are to attract love, romance, and passion.

The contain Come To Me Love Oils, Rose Petals, Lavender, Grains of Paradise and a secret little ingredient.

Pack of 3 Tea Lights

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I now have a large and ever growing collection of magical herbs, resins, roots, spices, flowers and barks.

These will be getting added to weekly but if you have anything in particular you are looking for i will try and source it for you

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Ritual Candles

Any witch worth her salt knows there's no such thing as too many candles, especially if you're a regular practitioner of candle magick.

Candles have been associated with magick and spirituality since antiquity. 

One of the ways the candle affects the magick is the colour of the candle. Different colour candles have different magical associations, so the focus of the spell will be different depending on the colour.

Learn More

18th September 2019

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