June Special Offer

As you know it is Mercury Retrograde at the moment and that is being amplified this week with today's Solasr Eclipse.
Tolhelp you through this I have reduced the price of the Chakra and Aura Cleanse Package by 25% until Friday  12th April

Mercury retrograde and solar eclipses are both celestial events that have captivated human curiosity and imagination for centuries. They are often associated with various mystical and astrological interpretations, believed to have significant impacts on human behavior, communication, and even worldly affairs. While their effects are largely subjective and vary depending on cultural beliefs and individual interpretations, here are some common magical and universal effects associated with Mercury retrograde and solar eclipses:

1. **Mercury Retrograde:**
   - **Communication Challenges:** Mercury retrograde is often linked to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and glitches in technology and transportation. It's believed to be a time when communication channels become scrambled, leading to confusion and frustration.
   - **Delays and Revisions:** This period is associated with delays in plans, contracts, and agreements. It's advised to double-check details and avoid signing important documents during this time.
   - **Introspection and Reflection:** Despite its challenges, Mercury retrograde can offer opportunities for introspection and reflection. It's a time to review past decisions, revisit unresolved issues, and realign oneself with personal goals.
   - **Reconnecting with the Past:** Old friends and acquaintances may resurface during Mercury retrograde, offering opportunities for reconciliation or closure.
   - **Heightened Intuition:** Some believe that Mercury retrograde enhances intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies, making it a favorable time for spiritual practices and inner work.

2. **Solar Eclipse:**
   - **Transformation and New Beginnings:** Solar eclipses are seen as potent moments for transformation and new beginnings. They mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, making them ideal for setting intentions and initiating changes in one's life.
   - **Intensified Energy:** Eclipses are believed to amplify cosmic energies, creating a heightened sense of awareness and receptivity. This can manifest as increased emotional intensity or sudden insights and revelations.
   - **Release and Cleansing:** Solar eclipses are associated with the release of old patterns, beliefs, and attachments that no longer serve one's highest good. They provide an opportunity for cleansing and letting go of the past.
   - **Collective Shifts:** Solar eclipses are thought to have collective significance, influencing global events and societal shifts. They may coincide with periods of upheaval or significant developments on a global scale.
   - **Spiritual Awakening:** Some believe that solar eclipses facilitate spiritual awakening and enlightenment, opening portals for higher consciousness and cosmic wisdom.

It's important to note that while these interpretations have cultural and historical significance, they are not based on empirical evidence and should be approached with critical thinking and discernment. Individuals may experience these celestial events differently based on their own beliefs, experiences, and circumstances.