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For Mental Suffering

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For Mental Suffering

  1. Cause somebody to lose all hope
  2. Cause somebody to be paranoid
  3. To fill somebody with uncontrollable anger
  4. To fill somebody with self-loathing
  5. To cause a person to feel anxious about a situation
  6. To make a person doubt a plan
  7. Make somebody forgetful
  8. Cause somebody to experience panic and anxiety
  9. To make somebody feel like a fraud

Decide which option you think suits your situation and that will be the pathworking I do..

Once purchased email me at outlining your situation and the required outcome.

I will also need names, dates of birth and pictures (if possible) of all involved.


Please note that you will be sent a report and photographs via email .


Unfortunately, like medicine, magic cannot offer guaranteed results. Even when given the best medicine, and the most up to date treatment, some diseases cannot be cured, and similarly, despite the most through and well crafted magical interventions, some situations resist change. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, I can guarantee that all my workings are undertaken following traditional methods, according to traditional recipes, using traditional ingredients. Your faith is an essential ingredient in the work, along with reasonable efforts to allow the magic to take effect in your life through efforts to improve your situation in the worldly sphere.

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Anon - US

After a consultation with Katy we agreed on a couple of options including To cause a person to feel anxious about a situation

My ex was a narcissist and was harassing me daily. This totally undermined him and he is now leaving me alone. Worked so quickly.

Simon Dee - New Orleans

Highly recommend pathworking and number 4