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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions about my craft. It's only natural and I love to speak to people about it. Here are a few questions that I get asked most about.

1. Can you guarantee that a spell will 100% work?

Some people would say yes, of course they can do that for you. They'd be lying. What I guarantee 100% is honesty, and the honest answer to that question is no; because nothing in the world is guaranteed. I will, however, always do my absolute best and put my whole heart into helping you achieve your goal. Magic comes from within all of us, and I direct it in whatever way I can to help my clients. I like to think of myself as a vessel that magic runs freely through, and at the end of the day, it is up the divine source powers to grant your request. I just make sure to ask them nicely.

2. What do I need to provide for the love spells?

I'll tell you everything you need to provide when you order the spell, but this one is asked for a lot so I thought I'd put it on here. For the love spell I'll need off you -

3. How long does a spell take to work?

There is no real answer to this one, because each spell is different, as is each and every client and their wishes and goals. Generally, I'd say from experience it would take a few weeks for the spell to really start making a difference, and even a few months for the results to really show. I get worried clients telling me all the time after only a week that nothing has happened yet, so I always assure them that magick takes time to work, and after only a week, the spell usually hasn't finished yet. Time is key. Time and patience – and trust me, I know how frustrating it can be. What I advise more than anything is to keep a positive mind, because doubts can do no good – for you or the magick.

One thing I do ask is that you try not to email me too frequently if you're worried a spell isn't working fast enough. I will always get back to you, but try and remember that I'm probably receiving emails from many other people at the same time. If I'm answering emails, I have less time to work.

And most importantly, any spells that are to be performed either on a full or new moon need to be booked 7 days in advance, so take that into account too.

4. What to do if I'm feeling impatient whilst waiting for a spell to work...

Trust me, I get this feeling. I know exactly what it feels like whilst waiting for a spell to work – the impatience, the worry, the excitement...

What I recommend is that you take a book, a journal perhaps, and write down what it is that you've asked for; what you want the spell to do. Write it down multiple times and really feel deep inside what you want the spell to achieve. Focus on the intent as you write. Do this whenever any of those feelings pop up. Not only will it make you feel better, but your true intent will only make the magic stronger.

5. Is there anything I can do to make sure the spell works properly?

First and foremost, please always be completely honest when giving me the information I ask for. I'm not here to judge you at all. I am a 100% judgement free zone and trust me, I'll have been seen much worse. Not only is it a judgement free zone, it is also completely confidential. I will never share any details to do with you or your spell with anyone else. So, honesty, please. If I don't have the correct information, how does the spell have a chance of working?

Also, it's important to stay positive and have true belief that the spell will work. The magick will need your energy and it is so important that that energy comes from a place of hope and faith. The magick needs you just as much as you need it.

6. How will I be able to tell if the spell is working?

As with every spell, it depends on the situation. Every spell and every client is unique. If you're close to the situation – if it has been cast on you or someone you see every day – you'll have a much easier time of seeing what is happening with them. Even better if they're the type to share what's going on in their lives.

For example – break up spells. If you're not in the relationship, you're probably not going to see the fights they're having or the bad feelings they're developing towards one another. But if you are in the relationship, it will obviously be much easier to see the results of the magick working. Perhaps you're in a relationship and haven't had the heart to end it even though that's what you want. After the spell has begun to do it's thing, you're likely to get them coming to you to talk about the future of your relationship or lack of it, or where it is going. Yet even after the spell has been cast, it still may take them a few weeks to build up the courage to have that conversation. The spell plants the seeds, but the actions will always be a process. Have patience, and it will happen.

However after the allotted time for each spell (90 days for a break up spell for example), if nothing has been achieved, I will talk with you and we will go back and see what is going wrong. We may need to recast in a different way, or perhaps there is already a different spell in place that I will need to banish before we can recast. Whatever it is, I vow to help you in any way I can.

7. How will I know when the spell is complete?

Generally you will know the spell is complete by the sense of confidence and satisfaction you feel. Ultimately, you will know for sure when the results of the spell have worked!

8. Should I do anything special after the spell?

Nope! The work is done. Just continue life on as usual. The only thing you really need to do is to avoid negative thoughts as they may damage the energy channel between you, but other than that, no special action needs to be taken on your part.

9. How long will the spell last?

As will all spells, it depends on the situation. Most will never expire – the exception being some of the revenge spells. A love spell (I use this as an example a lot because it's such a common spell) will bring you together with the one you love. They will love and desire you. But like with all things, the work doesn't end there. Just like any relationship, if you neglect them, you risk allowing it to break apart. Treat them with love and respect, and the relationship will last. All magick feeds off energy, whether it be negative or positive.

But unless it says so in the listing, assume that the spell is permanent.

10. When will I receive my report and pictures?

Reports and pictures are something I promise every client, not only as proof of my work, but to give you some piece of mind. I know from experience that it's reassuring to be able to see the work that's being done. Unless I'm away, I will aim to have the report and pictures to you within three days of the final casting. I also offer to send the remnants of the spell by post.

11. Do you offer recasting of the spell or spell boosts if it hasn't worked out how I thought it would?

If, for whatever reason, there has been no change or you feel the spell hasn't worked within one lunar cycle (four weeks) then I will recast with no charge to boost the magick and the spell.

Any spell boosts or recasting done after this will be charged at regular price.

12. I'm unsure of what spell to buy...

I have many spells to choose from, and even a custom spell if you can't find anything that fits your particular situation. However if you're still unsure, I'm always happy to chat and talk it through with you. Either contact me via email or Whatsapp (contact details all on the home page), tell me a bit about yourself and your situation and I'll do my best to advise. Never forget that I'm here to aid you in any way I can.

13. I don't have any money. Is there any way you can still help me?

Of course. There are always options. First of all, advice and information is always free. I also have an online Book of Shadows (which you can find on this website) which has free spells inside that you can cast yourself.

14. What payment methods do you offer?

Paypal is my preferred method of payment. It's quick and provides the most security for all of us. However if you don't have a Paypal account (although I highly recommend it for all online transactions) then bank transfer is an option – spell casting will not begin until the transfer has cleared successfully. Other than that, there is a credit card facility called Klarna available.

15. What is Karma?

The idea of baneful or black magick somehow bouncing back off a karmic mirror and punishing you goes against everything I’ve seen and heard. Nobody I know has ever found that magick bounced back and slapped them in the face.

From my perspective, heaven and hell is here on earth. “Bad people” don’t always get punished for their “evil acts”, and “Good people” die everyday. If Karma was a real thing – then its method is beyond my comprehension and approval.

Your magical purpose for spell casting is nothing more than a perspective – your perspective! I am sure you have a solid reason as to why you are doing (or requesting) for a specific spell on the target. Baneful magick, love magick, and other types of manipulation is done for your own happiness and/or protection.

When you die, there is not a dude standing their, waiting to judge you on everything from your religion, your skin color, or the magick you did or didn’t do!

We have to break away from believing the spiritual world thinks like a human – and judges like a human. Your actions here and now effect your quality of life – here and now. You will not be punished for your human actions on the “otherside”.

16. The person I want to be with is already married/in a relationship. Will the love spell still work?

Yes. Regardless of their current situation, the spell will cause a deep feeling of love and desire in them for you.

17. Is it right to use black magick to make somebody love me?

That is a question only you can answer. My love spell is very powerful, so all that I ask is that you think it through carefully before making your final decision. We all have a duty, you and I both, to use love spells responsibly. If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to chat to me about them. I'm always here for you.

18. Do spells ever backfire and can they harm me or the intended target?

No, a spell cannot backfire, or work backwards – especially when it hasn't even manifested yet. The idea that it can is simply a myth. No harm will come to you, your loved ones, or the intended target – unless it's a revenge spell and even then it will only do as it is listed or what you have asked for. Spells take time, but that never means they have backfired.

19. Can you keep me updated with emails whilst casting my spell?

Unfortunately not. I begin my spell work at 10pm and work through the night. I don't stop to answer calls, messages or emails until the night's work is completely finished. It is a distraction and that is the last thing I want or need whilst casting. Focus and concentration is key.

20. Can you give me an exact time of when my spell will be cast?

Honesty is my policy so unfortunately not. I work from a list each night and cannot guarantee how long each spell will take to cast. Each night is different – I have different spells to perform and the workload is never the same. I begin at 10pm and stop at sunrise or when the castings for the night are done – whichever comes first. To be sure that you will be on my list for a particular night, make sure to have sent all of your information to me at least 12 hours before. This does not include manifestation.

21. Does the spell work if the target is in another country?

Absolutely. Magic has no boundaries. It doesn't matter where the target is.

22. Does the sex of the person matter for any of the beauty spells?

Not at all. The spells are meant for anyone, no matter what sex they are.

23. How does the process of purchasing a spell work?

Simply enough. Once you have decided on you spell, add it to cart and go through the checkout. Once you've done that, email me at with all the pictures and information I have asked for in the listing. Once I have received your order and the info, I will cast the spell within 48 hours. The rest is up to me.

All you need to do after that is keep me updated via email on how the spell is progressing. It will take up to 4 to 5 weeks for the workings of the spell to manifest.

24. Will the target be able to find out I have done this?

No. I use cloaking to make sure that it cannot be tracked back to either me or you.

25. Is there anything that can be done to make the spell manifest faster?

No. Magic takes time. Recasting and boosting spells can make them stronger, but will never increase the speed of how long it takes to work.

26. Will I feel anything when the spell is taking place?

Not everybody will. Some people have told me of a tingling sensation or a warm or cold feeling, or even vivid dreams. This will pass. These will in no way whatsoever affect the outcome of the spell, but are just side effects of the magic and how deeply some people are connected to it. And if you don't feel anything, don't be alarmed! It only happens in some cases and is in no way an indication of how well the spell will work.

27. Is it okay to contact the target of the spell after the magic is done?

This isn't a simple yes or no answer, and really depends on the spell. For a love spell, for example, don't feel the need to push the target – constantly calling or messaging them when they have asked you not to is definitely pushing. This will only cause them to resist and will make the manifestation take longer. It's best in general not to have contact at all whilst the spell is working. But if you can speak to them without pushing, that will be okay.

28. Can I email and WhatsApp you?

Absolutely. As I've said, I'm here to help and aid and advise you. I do ask you to understand that I get on average 200 messages/emails a day so if I don't respond immediately, it isn't because I'm ignoring you, but because I'm replying in order of message.

**Clients who are rude, offensive or harassing will be ignored or banned.**

29. I've bought a reading from you. When will I get it?

I aim to get your readings done within 48 hours of purchase. Sometimes life likes to get in the way and it may be slightly longer, but I will always get back to you as soon as possible.

30. Can you tell me exactly what's going to happen?

I can tune in to what has been happening in and around your life up until now and help you connect with your own power inside of you to put you in the best possible place to shape your future. I can also spot things further down the line in your life, but don't forget – most of what happens in your life is down to you and you alone! You are the hero of your own destiny, and the future is always subject to change. There is such a thing as fate, but nothing is set in stone. That is a good thing, because it gives us chance to grow and change. Far more powerful than fate is free will, and that's what will guide you towards your destiny. So I may be able to tell you that you are going to be successful in the future, but then in you decide to hide under the duvet and let the world pass you by, nothing is likely to happen!

31. How often should I have a reading done?

This varies and is really up to you. You might just need a one off, or maybe you're going through a period in your life when you need more guidance. Many clients book a reading with me when they have something important coming up, and some call only once or twice a year. Some want more regular sessions for guidance with whatever they're dealing with in their life, and some just want me to check out the guy or girl they're dating. There really are no rules to how often you should get a reading. As with everything I do, it's all about what's best for you.

32. Can you contact the spirit of a loved one?

Yes. I am usually able to make the connection and pass on messages to you, though I cannot guarantee the connection will always be made. If you want me to do this during our session then let me know beforehand so that I know to leave enough time for it. I like to work with a photo of the person you would like me to connect with, so if that is possible please send or bring one.

33. Should I take notes or do you record the calls during a telephone reading?

I never record calls – your privacy is very important to me – so taking notes is a great idea. I generally tend to make a fair amount of practical suggestions and share a lot of information so it's definitely wise to write it down so as not to forget any of it. On occasion I may share something that won't resonate with you – many times it will end up making sense days, weeks or even months later, so it is always helpful to have a record of what we've discussed.

34. Do Tarot readings really reveal the future?

Simply put, yes, they do. They are a great tool and there's a reason I and others like myself use them. They show events that are likely to happen in the future, although as I have mentioned already, we all have free will and are masters of our own destiny so though I can tell you what may happen, its down to you to choose a pathway.

35. How does Tarot work – especially from a remote computer?

It has been said that contained within the tarot are the secrets of the universe. Many of us believe that they are a direct link to a ‘Higher Being, Force or Energy’ – whatever you personally believe that to be. Reading the tarot cards allows you to come face to face with many of the hidden aspects of your inner psyche. They enable you to unlock many of your deepest fears and anxieties, thereby allowing yourself to come to terms with difficult decisions or events in your life – whether these be related to love, career, family issues, your own continued spirituality, or any other new and unexplored horizons you may be approaching. If you are able to open your mind and unlock your soul to the endless possibilities of the tarot – all the mysteries of the universe will be opened up to you.

36. How soon after one reading can I have another?

The only Tarot reading that can be used on a regular basis is the 3 Card Reading, which can be taken every month for guidance. For all other readings I suggest waiting at least 3 months for the events to begin to unfold before coming back again. However if you have an entirely different question or situation you need guidance on which is completely unrelated to our previous session, this can be done as soon as you need.

37. How should I prepare for a reading?

A lot of people often turn to psychic guidance when they're a struggling through a particularly bad patch of troubled times. Going through something like this makes it tough to know where to turn and what advice to take. But don't worry, I will do my absolute best to put you at ease. If you have specific questions, go ahead and ask me them, or if you just need general guidance, that's okay. There is no wrong way to go about this. Even if you are unable to express your concerns, talk with me and I'll be able to pick up on them and the information will flow from there.

38. How can you do a reading over the phone or the Internet?

Magic and the energy that comes with it exists everywhere. Magical energy is a lot like the internet in some ways – it exists everywhere, yet not in any physical location. It doesn't matter where you are or how you're contacting me, our energies can connect in many different planes.