June Special Offer


Over the next year i will be developing my own witchcraft and demonology courses.

In the meantime, below is a list of courses I recommend::

From "Become a Living God"

Pathworking of Beelzebub | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Pathworking of Lucifuge | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Pathworking of Abaddon | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Pathworking of Azazel | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Mastering Psychic Self-Defense | Robert Bruce | Courses

The Ars Goetia | Orlee Stewart | Courses

Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Sinister Shamanism | Asbjorn Torvol | Courses

Pathworking of Lucifer | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Pathworking of Belial | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Egyptian Black Magick | Bill Duvendack | Courses

Astral Projection Mastery | Robert Bruce | Courses

Norse Magick: A Left Hand Pathworking | E.A. Koetting Courses

Ritual For Hire | E.A. Koetting

Haitian Voodoo Magick | E.A. Koetting  Courses

Black Magick: The Left Hand Path  E.A. Koetting | Courses

Mastering Kundalini Energy Work | Robert Bruce | Courses

Mastering Soul Travel: Omnipresence | E.A. Koetting | Courses

Circle of Solomon | E.A. Koetting | Magick Circle