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Cleopatra Beauty Spell

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Cleopatra was regarded as the greatest beauty in the ancient world.

The most powerful and beautiful woman in all of Egypt was Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. She possessed the most charming allure with he power to subjugate everyone. This is spell will give you the power of Cleopatra. She was known to be lusted after by all who met her, her power over others was unforgettable. She was the daughter of the gods, and had a charisma like no other. Now you can have the sex appeal and the love of Cleopatra. 

But it was not God given, She was using Black Magic to get people mesmerized by her beauty.

You can achieve the same.

Imagine the feeling of walking down the streets and everyone lusting for you, the Power to wrap any man or woman around your finger.

The Cleopatra Beauty Spell will assist in drawing in the energies that will transform you into a Super Sexy Siren and you will feel your "inner fire' grow dramatically in strength.

This may be cast for a Men as well as a Women.


What I will need from you, your name, date of birth and photo sent to



Unfortunately, like medicine, magic cannot offer guaranteed results. Even when given the best medicine, and the most up to date treatment, some diseases cannot be cured, and similarly, despite the most through and well crafted magical interventions, some situations resist change. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, I can guarantee that all my workings are undertaken following traditional methods, according to traditional recipes, using traditional ingredients. Your faith is an essential ingredient in the work, along with reasonable efforts to allow the magic to take effect in your life through efforts to improve your situation in the worldly sphere.

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Lisa Marie - London


I felt amazing after this ritual.

Alice Vane - US


I get Katy to perform this once a year for me and it leaves me feeling beautiful and fabulous. I tried the fountain of youth spell also this year and my hair and nails have been growing faster then ever

Nix - Aberdeen


This has made me feel great. Getting lots of compliments. Very pleased 👍

Teresa Robinson - Kent


This should be available on the NHS 😂