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Chakra Balancing Spell

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The seven chakras are the main energy centres of the body. Think of them as pathways that promote harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can lead to physical and emotional upset, so it's important to understand what each one represents and what we can do to keep it open and flowing freely.

Here's a quick summary of the seven chakras:

1. Root Chakra

The root chakra (Muladhara) represents our foundation. It anchors us and gives us the feeling of being grounded. When the root chakra is open, we feel confident in our ability to withstand challenges and stand on our own two feet. When it's blocked, we feel threatened and unstable.

  • Location: Base of spine, in tailbone area

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Survival issues such as financial independence, money, and food

2. Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra (Swadhisthana) helps inform how we relate to our emotions and the emotions of others. An open sacral chakra also governs creativity and sexual energy.

  • Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, and sexuality

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra (Manipura) speaks to your ability to be confident and in control of your life. Think back to the last time you had butterflies or felt a pit in the stomach: That's the Manipura chakra at work.

  • Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem

4. Heart Chakra

The heart chakra (Anahata) is one of the most important chakras since it connects the bottom three chakras (associated with materiality) with the top three ones (associated with spirituality). As the name suggests, this chakra can influence our ability to give and receive love—from others and ourselves.

  • Location: Centre of chest, just above the heart

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Love, joy, and inner peace

5. Throat Chakra

The throat chakra (Vishuddha) gives voice to the heart chakra and controls our ability to communicate. When it's functioning at full capacity, it allows us to express ourselves truly and clearly.

  • Location: Throat

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Communication, self-expression, and truth

6. Third-Eye Chakra

The third-eye chakra (Ajna) speaks to our ability to see the big picture and connect to intuition. Think of it as the eye of the soul: It registers information beyond the surface level. As we move up the body, we're getting closer to communion with the divine.

  • Location: Forehead between the eyes (also called the Brow Chakra)

  • Associated Themes & Emotions: Intuition, imagination, and wisdom

When our chakras are congested with energy blockages, dust, debris and/or other forms of invading energies, the vibration of the chakras decline causing blockages within our bodies hence leading to our auric bodies. The blockages cause problems in our lives such as health, finances, personal energy, etc.

I will cleanse, balance and activate your chakras to increase its vibration and the energy required to attract health, wealth and the energy you need to live an abundant life.

Benefits to Chakra Balancing include:-

  • Feel refreshed, calm, and have more clarity

  • Energized body filled with pure life force

  • Sleeping better

  • Clearing of negative thoughts

  • Boosted vitality

  • Boosted immunity

  • flexibility increased

  • Increased metabolism

  • Removal of stress

What I will need from you, your name, date of birth, a brief outline of your problems and photo sent to



Unfortunately, like medicine, magic cannot offer guaranteed results. Even when given the best medicine, and the most up to date treatment, some diseases cannot be cured, and similarly, despite the most through and well crafted magical interventions, some situations resist change. This is an unfortunate fact of life. However, I can guarantee that all my workings are undertaken following traditional methods, according to traditional recipes, using traditional ingredients. Your faith is an essential ingredient in the work, along with reasonable efforts to allow the magic to take effect in your life through efforts to improve your situation in the worldly sphere.

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Rebecca k - Sydney


This ritual left me feeling totally revitalised. I would highly recommend this to everyone xx

Phil N - Hampshire


I am left feeling fresher and stronger. Thank you Katy

Daisy - Hendon bridge

Highly recommended

I felt so much better after Katy did this for me. Lighter and more in control of my life and emotions