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As a child I grew up believing that magic was everywhere. I saw magic in the clouds and the trees. I felt spirits whoosh by me in the wind. I never felt alone because I always knew I was surrounded by a magickal wonderful universe.

I have studied my art all of my life. Up until my 30's it was behind closed doors because I was too afraid of what other people thought.

Then I decided I needed to be truthful about what and who I really am. I am a witch....and extremely proud of it.

For many modern pagans, including those in hereditary family traditions like myself, witchcraft is either a skill set that is developed and honed over years of practice, or it’s a belief system that is seen as a religion toward which one spends a lifetime working. For me, it’s a combination of the two..

I grew up in Australia but have lived in the UK now for most of my life. 

My home is a chaotic mix of people and animals living side by side with my herbs, oils and potions. The central part of my house is my altar where I do all my work and honour the Goddesses and Gods. 

I can not classify myself as any particular kind of witch. I am part eclectic, part hedge and I certainly can't claim to be a white witch....I would say grey is more my colour. I believe you can not have light without equal amounts of dark and vice versa.

The Goddess I work with and honour on a daily basis is The Morrigan. Since coming into my life she has caused a shit storm but it's been a fabulous ride. 

I am also very drawn to Voodoo and Hoodoo. My interest with these practises is growing substantially and I find the Loas, although tricky, wonderful to work with. The power they allow me is phenomenal.

My daughters Nancy and Jessica have followed in my footsteps too and they are now working in their own individual ways to help me create spells that are not only unique but also hugely powerful.... We call them The Power of Three Spells