Demonic Passion and Lust Spell


As a child I grew up believing that magic was everywhere. I saw magic in the clouds and the trees. I felt spirits whoosh by me in the wind. I never felt alone because I always knew I was surrounded by a magickal wonderful universe.

I have studied my art all of my life. Up until my 30's it was behind closed doors because I was too afraid of what other people thought.

Then I decided I needed to be truthful about what and who I really am. I am a witch....and extremely proud of it.

For many modern witches, including those in hereditary family traditions like myself, witchcraft is either a skill set that is developed and honed over years of practise, or it’s a belief system that is seen as a religion toward which one spends a lifetime working. For me, it’s a combination of the two..

I grew up in Australia but have lived in the UK now for most of my life. 

My home is close to the sea and full of animals living side by side with my herbs, oils and potions. The central part of my house is my altar where I do all my work and honour my deities. 

I am predominantly a black witch and work on the left hand path, which I find insanely rewarding. I continuously study my craft and specialise in Voodoo/Hoodoo, Goetia, Pathworking, Divination and Alchemy

The Goddess I work with and honour on a daily basis is The Morrigan. Since coming into my life she has caused a shit storm but it's been a fabulous ride. 

I love making sure people get what they really want in life and finding out they have got the love, job, money or health they need because of my work is the best feeling ever


I had my astrological birth chart done as a teenager and it gave me a lifelong passion in Astrology. I have spent many years studying my craft and today I am a certified astrologer, mental coach, intercultural business trainer, lecturer and communication psychologist.

During my career I have met many people all over the world working in jobs or living a life they did not like. They had no idea what their true potential was and were running low on energy with weak immune systems. The time I spent sharing my astrological insights with customers, colleagues and even CEOs drastically increased their full potential to live the life they were meant to.

My natal charts will help you understand who you are and your purpose in life.

See my Birth Charts HERE


I have always been around magic even as a little child. I saw many things I couldn't explain and had strong intuition. 

My mother liked the idea of divination and magic, it never took hold for her, but I saw the tools she used and it inspired me. 

As a teen I pushed away this side of me as not to scare the boys off...but I have accidentally done love spells under the full moon to acquire them. Only looking back now do I realise I used magic.

It wasn't until 2014 when I was pregnant with my daughter Luna that I suddenly had this strong urge to start my magical journey. I bought myself a tarot deck and instantly connected to them. That's when I knew I had something special inside me.

From that moment I have constantly grown and thrived as a witch and tarot reader. I own my own little shop selling rituals and spells and reading the locals fortune with my tarot cards and pendulums. 

I look forward to continuously growing and changing my craft as I gain more knowledge and wisdom.

I will be offering Tarot Readings and Spell Work

Shilpa Devi

Shilpa comes from Punjab India and now settled in the UK. Her grandmother possessed spiritual powers and worked with the villages in Punjab using natural resources. Later this gift was passed to her father and sister who have helped many people in their journey.  In relation to Shilpa, she was just 8 years old, she remembers walking around her family home and seeing and feeling spirits. Her keen interest led her to work in science, Vastu and candle work. Her area of work is only candle work and love spells.

Shilpa Devi's practice of candle rituals and Vastu is the culmination of all of the ancient Indian Sciences to help individuals grow and succeed in love. The remedies, which enhance the positive effects of these planets and help to counterbalance the negative energies help achieve the results you are looking for. Shilpa is an expert in the area of love and marriage, from fall in love with me spells to make him love me more. I am able to combine, science and candles to give you the results.

Mother Ashanti

My ancestors originate from Dahomey in West Africa and have passed down through our generations their wonderful knowledge of Vodou and Rootwork.

I was born in Louisiana and moved to the UK 10 years ago. My mother was widely respected in the Louisiana community as a practitioner and passed down all her knowledge to me.

I work closely with the Loas and have a close affinity with Erzulie who works with me in my love rituals.

I have brought my ancestors knowledge with me and look forwards to working with you.

If you would like consult with me via whatsapp please email me your questions to and I will arrange a time to speak with you.


I have received messages from the angels and spirits for over 30 years. I both see and hear spirits and use their intuition and guidance to support people around me. I also have regular ‘guidance’ premonition dreams about key events or change. As a small child from puberty the visitations became stronger and have remained with me. I have a sixth sense about events, change and emotional insights into relationships.

I live on the Wirral in the UK and have a noisy but beautiful 4 year old son.

I am available for