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As a child, I was nurtured in the cradle of enchantment, where every corner held a whisper of magic, where the clouds danced with secrets and the trees whispered ancient tales. In the embrace of nature, I felt the ethereal presence of spirits swirling in the wind, a reminder that I was never truly alone, but rather cocooned in a wondrous universe teeming with mystique.

My journey with the mystical arts has been a lifelong odyssey, a tapestry woven with threads of dedication and reverence. In the quietude of my youth, I delved into the depths of my craft, honing my skills in the shadows, shielded from the scrutiny of the outside world by a veil of apprehension.

Yet, as the years unfurled like petals in bloom, I realized the imperative of authenticity, the necessity of embracing my true essence. Thus, I shed the cloak of concealment and stood proudly in my truth—I am a witch, an embodiment of ancient wisdom and contemporary reverence.

For me, witchcraft transcends mere practice; it intertwines with my very being, a harmonious fusion of skill and spirituality. From the sun-kissed shores of Australia to the verdant landscapes of the UK, I have traversed lands and seas, carrying with me the legacy of my heritage and the fervor of my devotion.

My sanctuary by the sea is a symphony of life, where animals roam freely amidst my trove of herbs, oils, and elixirs. At the heart of my abode lies my sacred altar, a conduit between realms where I commune with deities and channel the energies of creation.

In the realm of the arcane, I walk the path of shadows, a practitioner of the left-hand way. Within the labyrinthine depths of Voodoo/Hoodoo, Goetia, Pathworking, Divination, and Alchemy, I find solace and empowerment, forging bonds with forces beyond the veil.

Foremost among my divine patrons is The Morrigan, a tempestuous goddess whose presence ignites storms of transformation in my life. Through chaos and upheaval, she guides me along a path of self-discovery, her wisdom a beacon amidst the tempest.

To witness the fulfillment of others' desires, to be instrumental in their attainment of love, prosperity, and vitality, is a testament to the potency of my craft. In those moments of realization and gratitude, I find my purpose affirmed, my spirit ablaze with the knowledge that I am but a conduit for the miracles of the universe.

Mother Ashanti

In the tapestry of my lineage, threads of magic weave through the ancient lands of Dahomey in West Africa, where my ancestors nurtured the profound wisdom of Vodou and Rootwork, guarding its mysteries through the passage of time.

Born amidst the bayous of Louisiana, I inherited a legacy steeped in reverence, as my mother, esteemed within our community, imparted to me the sacred teachings she herself had received.

In my journey across continents to the enchanting realms of the United Kingdom a decade hence, I have carried with me the essence of my ancestral lore, its potency undiminished by distance. Embracing the spirits of the Loas, I find a kinship particularly profound with Erzulie, whose grace guides my hands in matters of love and passion.

Now, drawing upon the reservoir of wisdom bestowed upon me by generations past, I stand poised to weave enchantment and transformation in service to those who seek. Should you wish to traverse the realms of magic with me, I extend an invitation to connect, to inquire, and to illuminate the pathways of your journey.

For consultations through the ether of WhatsApp, kindly share your queries via email at, and together, we shall discern the whispers of destiny.


For over three decades, I have been graced with divine messages from celestial beings and spirits. My connection with the ethereal realm is profound, as I possess the unique ability to perceive both the sights and sounds of these spiritual entities. Utilizing their intuitive guidance, I offer unwavering support to those who seek enlightenment and clarity in their lives.

Since the dawn of my adolescence, I have been blessed with heightened visitations from the spiritual realm, a phenomenon that has remained a steadfast presence throughout my journey. With a keen sixth sense, I possess an innate understanding of impending events, transformative shifts, and profound insights into the intricacies of human relationships.

Nestled in the enchanting landscapes of the Wirral in the United Kingdom, I lead a vibrant life alongside my exuberant four-year-old son, whose energy fills our home with joyous chaos.

My mystical services extend to:

- Aura Readings
- Tarot Readings
- Love Spells

Allow me to illuminate your path with the radiant wisdom bestowed upon me by the forces beyond.


Jessica is a whimsical enchantress, a practitioner of fairy magic whose essence dances with the mystique of moonlit forests and glimmering meadows. With eyes like dewdrops and a smile that echoes the secret laughter of woodland sprites, she navigates the realms of enchantment with grace and allure.

In her world, spells are woven with the delicate threads of nature's whispers, and potions brewed from the essence of starlight and dreams. Jessica's craft is a fusion of ancient wisdom and ethereal wonder, where she communes with the spirits of the earth and sky.

With a flick of her wand and a gentle incantation, she summons the playful spirits of the fae, weaving spells of protection and prosperity. Her presence is a beacon of light in the shadows, a reminder of the magic that thrums through every leaf and blade of grass.

But beneath her enchanting exterior lies a heart as fierce as wildfire, fiercely protective of those she holds dear. Jessica is a guardian of balance, a keeper of harmony between the mortal realm and the realm of magic.

In her, the fairy folk have found a kindred spirit, a conduit through which their magic flows freely, and in return, she is blessed with their eternal friendship and guidance. Jessica, the witch who dances with fairy magic, is a testament to the enduring power of enchantment in a world too often devoid of wonder.