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Prayers for Imbolc

Brighid’s Fire Meal Blessing
The goddess Brighid is well known as a keeper of the hearth fires in the home. As such, she is often associated with matters of domesticity, including cooking and kitchen magic. If you’re prepped a meal and you’re getting ready to dig in, take a moment to bless your food in Brighid’s name.
Brighid is the lady of flame,
the fire that cooks our food!
Hail to her and to the hearth,
and may our meal be good!

Thanks to Brighid Meal Blessing
In some modern Pagan traditions, it is customary to offer a blessing before a meal, particularly if it’s being held in a ritual context. At Imbolc, it’s a season to honour Brighid, the goddess of hearth, home and domesticity. Celebrate her role as a goddess of the home fires, and offer this simple blessing of gratitude before your Imbolc feast.

This is the season of Brighid,
She who protects our hearth and home.
We honour her and thank her,
for keeping us warm as we eat this meal.
Great Lady, bless us and this food,
and protect us in your name.

End of Winter Meal Blessing
Although Imbolc isn’t truly the end of winter–and depending on where you live, you might be right smack in the middle of the worst weather of the season–in many traditions, it is a time to look forward towards the spring. It’s a good time to honour the idea that the days are starting to grow a little bit longer and that soon, the harsh cold winter will be coming to an end. Feel free to hold off on this prayer until it’s a little more seasonally appropriate for your area.

The winter is coming to an end
The stores of food are dwindling,
And yet we eat, and stay warm
In the chilled winter months.
We are grateful for our good fortune,
And for the food before us.

Prayer to Brigantia, Keeper of the Forge
The goddess Brighid was known by many names. In parts of northern Britain, she was called Brigantia, and was seen as a keeper of the forge. In this aspect, she is associated with smith craft and cauldrons. She was connected to the Roman goddess Victoria, a deity who was the personification of victory in battle, as well as loyalty. In some legends she is invoked as Minerva, the warrior goddess. Although as Brigantia she is not nearly as famous as her Brighid aspect, she is seen as the goddess who bestowed the title of Brigantes upon a pan-Celtic tribe in England’s border region.

Hail, Brigantia! Keeper of the forge,
she who shapes the world itself with fire,
she who ignites the spark of passion in the poets,
she who leads the clans with a warrior’s cry,
she who is the bride of the islands,
and who leads the fight of freedom.
Hail, Brigantia! Defender of kin and hearth,
she who inspires the bards to sing,
she who drives the smith to raise his hammer,
she who is a fire sweeping across the land.

Prayer to Brighid, Keeper of the Flame
Among her many other aspects, Brighid is the keeper of the flame, and this simple prayer honours her in that role.

Mighty Brighid, keeper of the flame,
blazing in the darkness of winter.
O goddess, we honour you, bringer of light,
healer, exalted one.
Bless us now, hearth mother,
that we may be as fruitful as the soil itself,
and our lives abundant and fertile.

Prayer to Brighid, Bride of Earth
In many modern Pagan traditions, the Imbolc sabbat is a time to celebrate Brighid, the Celtic hearth goddess. Among her many other aspects, she is known as the Bride of Earth, and is the patroness of domesticity and home. This simple prayer honours her in that role.

Bride of the earth,
sister of the faeries,
daughter of the Tuatha de Danaan,
keeper of the eternal flame.
In autumn, the nights began to lengthen,
and the days grew shorter,
as the earth went to sleep.
Now, Brighid stokes her fire,
burning flames in the hearth,
bringing light back to us once more.
Winter is brief, but life is forever.
Brighid makes it so.

Smooring the Fire—A Prayer to Brighid
Alexander Carmichael was a folklorist and author who spent nearly five decades travelling around the highlands of Scotland collecting stories, prayers and songs. His most noteworthy work, the Carmina Gadelica, is an interesting blend of early Pagan tradition mixed with the influences of Christianity. Smooring the Fire is from Carmichael’s Carmina Gadelica, published 1900, and is a Gaelic hymn to Brighid, honouring the tradition of smooring, or dampening, the hearth fire at night, and particularly on the night before Imbolc.

An Tri numh (The sacred Three)
A chumhnadh, (To save,)
A chomhnadh, (To shield,)
A chomraig (To surround)
An tula, (the hearth)
An taighe, (The house,)
An teaghlaich, (The household,)
An oidhche, (This eve,)
An nochd, (This night,)
O! an oidhche, (Oh! this eve,)
An nochd, (This night,)
Agus gach oidhche, (And every night,)
Gach aon oidhche. (Each single night.)

Ritual for Imbolc

Ritual for Imbolc

Supplies: Symbol of the season, such as a white flower, snow in a crystal container, also needed, an orange candle anointed with cinnamon, frankincense or rosemary oil (unlit), red candle to represent the elements, and your ritual supplies.

Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the Circle.

Invoke the Goddess and God.

Say such words as the following:
“This is the time of the feast of torches,
When every lamp blazes and shines
To welcome the rebirth of the God.
I/we celebrate the Goddess,
I/we celebrate the God;
All the Earth celebrates
Beneath its mantle of sleep.”

Light the orange taper from the red candle on the altar. Slowly walk the circle clockwise, bearing the candle before you. Say these or similar words:

“All the land is wrapped in winter.
The air is chilled and
Frost envelopes the Earth.
But Lord of the Sun,
Horned One of animals and wild places,
Unseen you have been reborn
Of the gracious Mother Goddess,
Lady of all fertility.
Hail Great God!
Hail and welcome!”

Stop before the altar, holding aloft the candle. Gaze at its flame. Visualize your life blossoming with creativity, with renewed energy and strength.

If you need to look into the future or past, now is an ideal time.

Works of magic, if necessary, may follow.

Celebrate the Simple Feast.

Thank the Goddess and God.

Release the Circle.

Make a Brigid Cross

Make a Brigid Cross

Brigid Crosses are traditionally made from reeds but can be made from several alternatives so long as they are pliable. Willow also works and is good for the symbolism. It needs a long soaking and is perhaps not the easiest to work with but makes a wonderful cross. Go for a walk, see what you can find in the hedgerows and on the river banks, use straws or even cut long strips of paper.

Begin by bending your reeds and hooking them into each other as in the first figure and follow the diagram. When it is the size you want it to be you will need to tie the four ends, the four quarters – with string, thread, ribbon etc. Decorate the completed cross with ribbons and swan feathers if you have them – whatever is meaningful for you.

Imbolc February 1-2

Imbolc February 1-2

Imbolc, in the Celtic seasonal calendar marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life. It is Feile Brighde, the ‘quickening of the year’. The original word Imbolg means ‘in the belly’. All is pregnant and expectant – and only just visible if at all, like the gentle curve of a ‘just-showing’ pregnancy. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life’s insatiable appetite for rebirth.

It is time to let go of the past and to look to the future, clearing out the old, making both outer and inner space for new beginnings. This can be done in numerous ways, from spring cleaning your home to clearing the mind and heart to allow inspiration to enter for the new cycle. (‘Spring cleaning was originally a nature ritual’ – Doreen Valiente). It’s a good time for wish-making or making a dedication.

Imbolc is traditionally the great festival and honouring of Brigid (Brighid, Bride, Brigit), so loved as a pagan Goddess that her worship was woven into the Christian church as St Bridget. She is a Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is a Goddess of Fire, of the Sun and of the Hearth. She brings fertility to the land and its people and is closely connected to midwives and new-born babies. She is the Triple Goddess, but at Imbolc she is in her Maiden aspect.

Ideas for Your Altar

Decorate your altar with snowdrops, swan feathers, a Brigid Cross, a Bridey Doll, white and green candles.

Herbs of Imbolc

Blackberry: Sacred to Brigid, the leaves and berries are used to attract prosperity and healing. A Goddess plant, belonging to the planetary sphere of Venus.

Coltsfoot: Coltsfoot or ‘sponnc’ (Gaelic) is a herb associated with Brigid. A herb of Venus, moves emotional and physical stagnation and is used magically to engender love and to bring peace.

Ginger: revitalises and stimulates the ‘fire within’ – helps alignment with the rise of Kundalini serpent energy at this time of year!

Trees of Imbolc

Rowan: Luis, or the Rowan, is the tree usually assigned to this time of year in the Celtic (Ogham) Tree Alphabet. It has long associations with the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. It is also known as the ‘Quickening Tree’ and is associated with serpents. Traditionally it protects and wards of evil. A sprig of Rowan can be put near the door of your home (we have a whole tree), or a sprig worn for protection. Rowan berries have a tiny five-pointed star on the bottom reminiscent of the pentagram.

Willow: The fourth tree in the Celtic Tree alphabet – S Saille, is also long associated with the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. Willow is the great ‘shape shifter’ of consciousness and emotion and symbolises feminine energy and the lunar cycle. Its branches are flexible – expressing movement and change rather than resistance. It is a tree of enchantment and dreaming, enhancing the confidence to follow one’s intuition, and inspires leaps of imagination.

January Correspondences


Wolf Moon

Herbs: patchouli, lavender, pine, mimosa, peppermint

Stones: amethyst spirit quartz, garnet, cavensite, chrysanthemum quartz

Scents: musk, mimosa

Colours: white, indigo, black

Trees: birch

Deities: Freya, Inanna, Sarasvati, Hera, Ch’ang-O

Astrological Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius

Elements: Earth/Air

Crafting Your Magic:

The individualist will be highlighted with magic that’s aimed at amplifying and celebrating nonconformity, originality, and creativity. This is an excellent time to work magic that will manifest clearer communication, magic that will promote better understanding between individuals, and magic that will heal rifts. Basic human needs can be emphasised with the Wolf Moon and now is the time for spells to ensure those needs are met through magical manifestation.

Work on issues this month that deal with the root chakra. The earthier side of sexuality is highlighted, as well as basic physical needs. Get down and dirty, familiarise yourself with the raw instinct of your basic nature.

Road Opener Sigil


Crystal Care

Call To The Elements

Casting Instructions for ‘Call To The Elements’

Call to the element of Fire

Go to a natural area on a sunny day, then say :
”Element of fire, I call on you,
May your flames strengthen and bless all things that I do.
Psychic strength is linked back to physical fitness,
Become stronger and your magick knows no limits.
Fine me up to stay motivated and physically fit,
For personal power is magnified from a healthy Witch. ”

Call to the element of Earth

Go to a place with plenty of trees, then say :
”I am anchored in winter, spring, summer, and fall.
I sink down roots into the soil so rich,
Making me a more grounded, strong and centered Witch.
My personal power is protected all the times,
With this practical earth magick, I am safe and fine. ”

Call to the element of Air

Go to a natural area on a windy day, find a comfortable place and say :
”Element of air, now swirl around,
Awaken my senses with a humming sound.
Your fragrant breezes wash gently over me,
Removing harm, fear, and negativity.
I am now empowered, refreshed, and brave,
Ready to handle whatever comes my way.”

Call to the element of Water

Go to a beach on a sunny day and say :
”Element of water, please hear me cry,
Shower down on me like rain falling from the sky.
I re-establish boundaries in a healthy way,
Becoming, stronger and more secure every day.
Water, wash away,and cleanse all negativity,
Link me,to the powers of rain, lake, stream, and sea. ”

Goofer Dust


Goofer dust has been around for a long time and it possess great power, You can get this dust from your suppler or online , however you can get it your self first hand from the cemetery , Select a grave any particular grave and proceed to dig under the head stone of the grave , dig about 5 to 6 inches and put the dirt at that depth into a bag an envelop etc Before leaving for home leave an odd number of coins , pennies or cents in the hole you have dig and cover it up , It is very important as well when you have select a grave and before you start to dig you say aloud you come in peace , make the appropriate incarnation .When you collect the dust in this way cross a river or running water or over a light square camphor at least 3 times before going home with the dust , Having acquired the dust either way by store or on your own …You can sew it up in a piece of clean black or red cloth .At least once a week apply incarnations into the cloth by consecration and anoint the cloth with van van and high john the conqueror oil. The dust treated in this manner has the power to attract to you the things you desire in life .The cloth containing the goofer dust must be kept on you , in your wallet , purse , hand bag , pocket etc As often as you can carry it with you , Or better yet …keep it with you .At least once a week apply your incarnations and anointing and bring forward your incarnations and state what you want , you can hold it in your right hand and do so as well ….In time success cannot help but come to you

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