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Spirit Summoning Spell

High level Magic, please refer to when Summoning

Call Me
You’re going to make a mojo bag for this spell. Create it during the waxing moon. The idea is to connect you and the person you wish to contact in a magical way with magical energy, thus manifesting your connection in the mundane world.
Items needed:
1. A photograph of each of you, or better yet, a photograph of the two of you together.
2. Two paperclips and/or glue
3. A ribbon, the color of which will reflect your relationship with this person– red for a lusty passionate coupling, pink for friendship, white– which will cover any aspect, purple for soul sisters/brothers, green for business partners, etc.
4. A cloth bag, the color of which could reflect your intentions, just like the ribbon– it should be noted that red flannel is the traditional color and cloth for hoodoo magic
If you’re using two photos, glue them together, face to face, attach the paperclips to the four sides, and tie the photos together with the ribbon, making three knots, verbally embellishing each of these knots with your intentions.
If you’re using one photo of the two of you, fold the photo in half so that you are face to face with this individual. Glue the photo together, paper clip the edges, and tie it up with the ribbon, making three knots– stating your intentions loud and clear to the universe as you go.
Drop this photo in your bag. Keep it in a safe place until you make contact, after which, this bag can either be kept to insure continued interaction with this person, or it can be burned and the ashes scattered to the wind– insuring open communication through the element of Air.
2. Summoning Powder
You’re going to create this powder and use it in a variety of ways to summon to you a particular person. You will sprinkle this powder on a piece of clothing you may have that belongs to the target; on correspondence that you’ve saved, or on a new piece of correspondence you’re mailing out; on the target’s property– their doorstep, the walk before their house, etc.– in secret, of course.
However, a safer method, and one which doesn’t have the potential of getting you into trouble, would be to put the target’s photo, signature, or name paper in a red flannel mojo bag and add summoning powder to it. You keep the bag, and you decide what to do with it and when. This also gives you absolute control over the spell, the target, and the outcome– I like this option best.
Crush and blend the following three ingredients, of equal amounts, in your mortar and pestle:
Bay leaves
To this succulent mound of herbs, add Drawing Powder (powdered sugar)– in an amount equal to the batch of herbs you’ve just crushed.
Voila’…Summoning Powder.
3. Rosemary Summons
Use rosemary and a pinch of Drawing Powder to summon someone to you that you have feelings for, or whose help you need. This could include someone you have romantic feelings for; someone you love in a platonic way; someone that you’re connected to through blood or circumstance; or someone whose help you need with an issue or personal problem. Think of this spell as a pied piper’s wiggling finger inferring, “Come hither.”
You will gather a handful of dried rosemary, a photo/signature/or name paper of the one you need to summon, and a lovely little fire– either outdoors in a nice fire pit, or a smaller adaptation in your cauldron.
When you get your fire burning properly, drop into it the photo/signature/or name paper; next, the rosemary, sprinkling it carefully so you don’t smother your flames. And finally, just a pinch of Drawing Powder.
As the flames consume the ingredients of your spell, chant:
“Blessed rosemary, I call unto thee;
Summon (name) to come to me.”
4. To Beckon
This is a very gentle spell– yes, the gray witch embraces this type of magic, contrary to popular belief. The purpose of this spell is to give a subtle suggestion to someone you wish to have contact with. This is not an in-your-face summons, but a soft tap on the shoulder; and this spell does not force anyone to do anything they do not wish to do. If the person to whom you beckon likes the feel of the energy you send their way, they will respond.
This spell is all about energy, and that’s all you will use in the casting of it.
Find a peaceful comfortable spot to plant yourself, either outdoors in the midst of nature, or in a space that you’ve structured for yourself to be conducive to meditation and concentrated thought– perhaps complete with soft background music (instrumentals only), candles, and incense.
When you have centered and grounded yourself and cleared your mind of disruptive chatter, hone in on the person you will be sending this energy to. Close your eyes and visualize their face before you, as you do, chant softly either their name– over and over in a mesmerizing sing-song chant, or you can repeat these words:
“Know I call to you,
Think of me,
Think of me,
So mote it be.”
You will continue chanting until you feel the energy build and roll, and when it has become overwhelming, send it off. Release it with a breath, with a hand gesture, with a sigh or a shout. If you’ve never done this type of spell casting before, you will come to recognize very quickly the feeling of building energy. Sometimes it has actually given me butterflies in my tummy, as though I were moving. And you will know when you’ve thrown it out into the world; it will often leave your space in a ‘whoosh’ that sends goose bumps rushing up your legs.
5. Summoning Spirits
*NOTE ~ “Spells-in-a-Jar”…Everything you need to cast this spell can be found at The Witch’s Corner at THIS LINK.
For this summoning spell, we’re going to use Black Cat Oil. Not only is this oil a powerful conduit for summoning spirits, it’s often used to break bad spells, and for protection. This oil will contain a pinch of hair from a black cat– the most important ingredient.
Contrary to popular myth, black cats do not bring bad luck. They are said to be a favorite form for shape-shifting spirits; and this is one reason it’s considered bad luck to harm a black cat– that purring beautiful ball of fur before you might in fact be a magical creature or spirit who is observing you just as keenly as you are observing it.
Black cats are thought to have special magical connections and have long been a favored creature for a witch’s familiar.
First, the Black Cat Oil.
Items needed:
1. Herbs: sage, bay leaves, myrrh– substitutions for myrrh include anise, cloves, lemon balm, and cinnamon
2. Steel wool
3. Iron
4. Black cat hair
5. Oil– for the base…Castor oil for protection, as well as to break curses/hexes/spells; almond oil, to attract the opposite sex
Mix these ingredients together and warm them in your cauldron, just until you smell the herbs, knowing that the energy is released. Add this mixture to a jar, and leave it sit for a night beneath the moonlight.
To summon spirits:
Anoint a blue or purple candle with Black Cat Oil and burn this candle, calling in the spirits.
To summon a particular spirit, such as a loved one who’s passed, I create an altar for this spirit filled with photos, favorite personal items, a piece of clothing having belonged to them in life, etc. Samhain evening would be the most advantageous time to perform a ritual such as this, but you can call spirits to you at any time you desire them.



What is it that I want the entity to do? How will the entity accomplish this task? What variables do you need to factor in so that the entity is successful? What is your timetable? How do you insure that the entity is doing its task? How do you wish the entity to appear to you?These questions as well as others are important questions to ask and answer to your self . Take time to develop your answers, be sure of exactly what it is you want to do with the entity and make sure you impress that into the entity. These questions will help you focus and attune your energy toward achieving what you want with the entity and will also insure that the experience is well worth the time invested. An important question to ask yourself as well is ….Is it worth it to conjure the entity and have it do the task or are there other means to achieve my ends? its is a very important and valid question to ask. you should be certain that it is justified. NOT ALL PROBLEMS REQUIRE MAGIC !!! If you are one who likes to experiment then your justification is just that in order to learn more about entities / spirits .you work with them by asking and answering questions, you will insure yourself no regret but rather a focused intent that will bring about what you want in a manner that works for you. Any magical undertaking should be considered carefully and conjuring work is no exception…..