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Mirror Banishing Spell

Mirror Banishing Spell:
You will need the following items for this spell:
A small mirror
Photo or drawing of the person
Piece of onyx
A little bit of mugwort
Place the mirror flat on a table, and sprinkle a pinch of mugwort in one spot on the face of the mirror. Lay the photo face-down on the mirror so the face of the person is over the mugwort. Repeat the following words:
You cannot see me
You cannot hear me
You do not want me
Now let me be
Now set the piece of onyx on top of the photo, also over where the persons face is (or as close as you can get since the photograph is lying upside down at this point).
Repeat the words again, and leave the items on your altar to keep this person away. For the most powerful effect, cast this banishing spell on the night of the new moon.

Banishing an Unwanted Admirer

Banishing an Unwanted Admirer
Cast this spell three days or nights in a row when the Moon is waning. If you can’t get your hands on fresh vervain leaves, use the dried ones that should be available at a local herbalist. You’ll need about a handful of either. The spell is best cast outside. If this is not possible, it can be done indoors, but as it involves a fire, it must be done with great care.

You will need:

Vervain leaves

A well-stoked fire.

Consecrate the wood or coal before lighting the fire. When it is burning fiercely, throw the vervain on to the flames, calling out the name of the person you want out of your life as loudly and with as much passion as you can muster. Follow the name with these words, which should also be said with passion:

I need you not.
I want you not.
Leave my life now
And come back never.
And it harm none, so be it.

Spend a minute or two visualising the person’s face in the fire’s smoke and watch it waft away from you – forever.

Anti-Stalker Spell

Anti-Stalker Spell
This is a very simple spell that is bound to get rid of any stalker, anyone who causes harassment, or someone who is simply being a pain in the ass.

All you need is a picture of that person. If that’s not available then anything that belongs to him/her. Or you can even choose a place where he spends most of his time, like his chair, couch or even the door of his house. For the sake of reference we will call the door, the picture or whatever is chosen, the “dummy”.

Summon all your hate
All your anger,
All of your emotions!
Let all that has been bothering you as a result of this person be replayed in your mind!
Then just SPIT!!! on the “dummy”.

Bad luck is sure to visit this person shortly and will occupy his mind in such a way that he will no longer be a bother to you.

I repeat!! REMEMBER the warning!!

The curses like these are very easy to cast. They have an instant effect. If the curses are misused, they will backfire!


The “Wash it Out” Banishing Spell

The “Wash it Out” Banishing Spell
You will need:

Creek stones

An earthen bowl


The purpose of this ritual is to deflect negativity. Fill the bowl nearly full of creek stones, then fill the bowl with water. The chant used here is:

Bowl of reflection
Stones of protection
May the reason of my harm
Feel the power of this charm.
Sisters three come work for me
Bowl detect
Stones deflect
And water reflect
Peace and harmony now come to me.
As I will, so mote it be.

Change the water once a week and renew the chant. Throw the old water on your doorstep. The Sisters of the Wyrrd are incorporated here. The bowl stands for the first sister, she of the past; the stones for the present and second sister; the third action, that of reflection, is the sister of the future.

Be Quiet Spell

Be Quiet Spell, please be careful when casting this, it’s powerful and needs to be used PROPERLY

Items Needed:

– 1 Beef Tongue (From The Butcher Or Supermarket/Grocery Store)
– 1 Name-Paper With The Persons’ Name
– 9 Coffin Nails
– Hair From The Person (Optional)
– Red Pepper
– Black Pepper
– Salt
– Lemon
– Alum (Optional)
– Knife


Fix a name-paper with the name of the person written 9 times right under each other. Turn the paper counter-clockwise and write a phrase similar to “Hold Your Tongue” or “Shut The#### Up!”, written 9 times as well, right over the names which you just wrote. This is called ‘crossing and covering’. Fold the paper away from you. Take the knife and make a slit in the tongue. Sprinkle the red pepper, black pepper, salt, and the juice of freshly-squeezed lemon into the slit. Place the hair and name-paper into the slit as well. Use the coffin nails to close up the slit in the tongue by piercing them through each side. Now what you do next is up to you. You can do any of the following;

1.) Cook the tongue by boiling it in water. When the tongue is thoroughly cooked, eat it. (Remove the nails before eating. As far as the name-paper goes, some people say that you have to eat it too, but it’s really up to you.) Note: If you are going to cook the tongue do not use alum.

2.) Place the tongue in the freezer to “freeze” the person’s tongue. Keep it in the freezer until the threat has passed.

Blue Pentacle Visualisation-The “Go Away!” Spell

Blue Pentacle Visualisation-The “Go Away!” Spell
For Getting Rid of Annoying or Abusive People
This is a nice little spell to get rid of people who are bothering you or are in your face.

When the person comes near you just visualise a blazing blue pentacle on his/her forehead. Next, (mentally) say these words:

“I banish you in the name of the positive powers of the universe!”

This little spell works very well, and it harms no one. It just keeps them away from you. It even works on intoxicated people and people on drugs, as well as people who have bad intentions towards you.

(Some people visualise blue flames coming out of the pentacle a little way. This also does not harm anyone). You don’t even have to think that you banish them. Just visualise the blue pentacle, with our without blue flames coming out a little way).

A Banishing Flame

A Banishing Flame

Time for a little witchcraft firepower, to cast a spell with flame and smoke.

A black candle
Dried white sage
Something sharp
You can often buy “smudge sticks” of white sage in various new age stores, and they work very well for this.

Carve a pentacle into one side the the candle before you begin, and the word “cease” on the other side. Set up and light the candle, then light the sage. Let it burn for a moment, then gently blow it out so that it’s still smoking. Hold it above your head and say

As above, so below
Time for evil things to go.
What is bad, what is wrong
Falls against magick strong.

Lower the sage back to the candle, re-light the end so that it’s flaming again. Raise carefully, and repeat the words. Snuff it out again and draw the smoke around you gently. Repeat the words a third and final time.

Walk around your home with the smoking smudge, visualizing the negative being force away by the smoke.

When you’re done, stub out the sage and let the candle finish burning on its own.

Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit (in a Jar)

Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit (in a Jar)
This traps an evil entity or evil spirits and prevents any harm being done.

You’ll need:

Salt water – 1 part Sea salt to 8 parts of spring water.

1 dried Rose

13 Rose Thorns

1 Small Glass Jar + a tightly fitting lid

Put the Rose Thorns into the jar one at a time and as you do this and drop one in, chant the following words each time:
“Thou Demon presence. Be no more!”
Crush up the Thorns in the jar and then crush up the Rose petals and add them to the jar, slowly add the salt water. Keep the jar open overnight. The next morning before the sunrise close the lid. All the evil should now be trapped inside the jar. Cover the jar with a cloth and bury it far away from the house in a place that has no buildings nearby.

To Banish an Unwelcome Entity

To Banish an Unwelcome Entity

Speak directly to the entity, or in the room most affected, saying:

It is time to leave here; all is well. There is nothing here for you now, You must be gone
Go now, go ~ complete your passing, Go, and with our blessing fare well. Farewell.

Remove everything of the previous occupant ~ writing and photos in particular. If there is anything you wish to keep, purify it with salt or incense, saying:

With this I purify you of the past, of hurt and memories, keeping only Love.

To Free a House from a Haunting

To Free a House from a Haunting

“The Presence that stands Upon the stairs
The unseen hands That move the chairs.
The lights that play Across the wall,
The stains that stay, The plates that fall,
The mist, the chill, The wandering scents
This gentle spell must speed them hence.
At midnight, set A table neat,
With cup and plate, And wine and meat,
Invite the ghost To sit and feast,
As any host Should urge a guest.
Presently, clear The meal away,
Then open the door and softly say-
“Quick or dead, Thou art fed,
Cease to grieve And take thy leave”
Bid him depart But should he remain
Be calm, take heart And feast him again.