The Garlic Bane

The Garlic Bane

This spell is to capture someone’s energy and put their life on hold. It doesn’t really cause any harm, but they won’t be able to really get anything accomplished until it’s broken or you end the curse. You will need to have:

2 glass jars with lids (a small one that fits inside the larger one)
3 cloves of garlic
A few pinches of wood ash
A few pinches of dirt
White paper and a black marker
Choose your jars so that the little one will fit entirely inside the big one, including when lids are on. A pickle jar and a small jam jar would work fine, for example.

Use a heavy black marker (no pencil or ball point), to draw a pentacle on a piece of paper, then cut it out to fit inside the bottom of the big jar. Place the garlic cloves inside the smaller jar, and tighten the lid. Repeat the first words of the spell:

Moon will wax, moon will wane,
Now I cast the garlic bane.

Set the little jar inside the big one, on the piece of paper. Now mix ash and dirt in water, and pour into the big jar enough to cover the smaller jar. Doesn’t have to be completely full, just enough to cover the jar with the garlic. Say:

My power and my might,
I bring it out this night.

I trap you in this jar
Now your luck is far

Suffer in an empty space
Living at a slow snail’s pace

Nothing works, nothing gains
I cast on you, lots of pain

As the ink washes off the paper into the water, the spell will gain energy and start to work in a few days. Leave the entire thing on your altar for it to keep working. Repeat the words again over the jars to recharge the spell after a month, if necessary.