This powder is a wonderful blend of common kitchen items That really pack a wonderful punch for love!

This mixture is designed to make a lover or desired lover choose you above love rivals.

It is extremely useful for getting your current Lover to be faithful and stay away from temptation.

It is also very good for attaching the attention of someone who seems to have too many admirers of the opposite sex to notice you.

I learned this particular spell from an exotic dancer who said that she used it to ensure that her best clients always came back and that her boyfriend also stayed out of the strip club.

This powder appears to have the unique ability to find a target to you personally regardless of context.

I personally have had great success with this work using it in lover return working where the break up was caused by an interfering rival love.

One more note about this particular powder. I have been told twice that it is the base of a recipe called “honey cakes“. Although I know several spells it go by that name I have not found any that use this particular blend. Both of the people that told me about this recipe said they did not know it but that use brown, fresh chicken eggs.

If you know that recipe I would absolutely love to have it! More than happy to give credit to whoever can provide the recipe, the spell, and information about the providence and tradition.

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