Jar is always represent the energy environment that we wish to create around our target. We can fill this environment with herbs, oils, roots, curios, and other items that complement what we need to happen in the situation. This ensures that the environment around our target will specifically push them to have the results that we desire.

The petition always is the source of how that environment will affect the target. A well and simply written petition with specific requirements is best for jar work. In general try to keep it to a dozen words or less when you write a petition. And be certain that there is no way the petition can come about and also be something other than what you intended. For example; do not say “make John realise his true feelings for me” when what you mean is “make John fall in love with me”, or better yet “make John love me in a way that I understand and enjoy.” John’s true feelings may not be that he’s in love with you. The jar can change that, but only if the petition instructed to do so.

It’s also very important to remember with any jar work that you absolutely must say a prayer over the jar asking that a piece of your target soul be put inside. If their soul is not in the jar than the jar is not going to affect them very strongly or at all. Putting the soul in does not guarantee success, but leaving it out does guarantee failure.

Adding personal effects to the jar helps to strengthen the link especially for manifesting things in the physical world. Hair, fingernail clippings, blood, sexual fluids, and other actual bodily effects are the strongest for producing physical manifestation of your desired results as quickly as possible.

In general positive jars should contain an odd number of ingredients and items. These ingredients should count and include the petition and any personal effects. So a petition, plus hair, plus rose petals, plus honey, plus cinnamon would equal five items. Negative jars on the other hand should try to stick to an even number of items.

Jars typically will work faster the more often that you work them. If you need the results to be as quick as possible the daily working is probably your best bet. On the other hand if you need the results to be slow but steady working once or twice a week is the best way to go. And if you feel like you’ve already gotten everything where you need to be and just want to maintain that you Wishon and not lose ground working the jar once or twice a month should do the trick.

If you have A jar that seems to be moving if you might want to look at putting the jar into a bath of water in a pot on the stove and slowly heating it up this can help to speed up results. Be careful about doing this with you or is that contain water, or if they contain any substance that has a lot of water in it like vinegar. You may want to open the lid on the jar so that the steam can escape.

Last but not least when you were working a long term jar is always important to remember to break the wax off at least once a month and give the jar a good shake at least once a week. Too much buildup of wax and too much laying still will slow the magic down and prevent things from changing and moving.

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