HooDoo Sweeteners

Less mentioned hoodoo sweeteners

Brown Sugar: use in spells for prosperity and sexuality. This brings out the primitive romance in the target. Works well in legal cases or a target who has a large ego.

Maple Syrup: use in spells for prosperity, powerful romance or love spells. This sweetener works fast but stops working so add alcohol to solidify the effects long term.

Vanilla: use in spells for friendship, peace, success, lust, luck, romantic confidence and prosperity.

Sweet jars are good to use but they are slow works. Sweetener dolls can be constructed using the same ingredients. Candle workings are another option.

Brown sugar and vanilla can be placed in a shaker container and enchanted for a purpose as kitchen witches can serve with coffee or tea for their target to ingest. A maple syrup dispenser jar can be utilised in the same manner.

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