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HooDoo Sweeteners

Less mentioned hoodoo sweeteners

Brown Sugar: use in spells for prosperity and sexuality. This brings out the primitive romance in the target. Works well in legal cases or a target who has a large ego.

Maple Syrup: use in spells for prosperity, powerful romance or love spells. This sweetener works fast but stops working so add alcohol to solidify the effects long term.

Vanilla: use in spells for friendship, peace, success, lust, luck, romantic confidence and prosperity.

Sweet jars are good to use but they are slow works. Sweetener dolls can be constructed using the same ingredients. Candle workings are another option.

Brown sugar and vanilla can be placed in a shaker container and enchanted for a purpose as kitchen witches can serve with coffee or tea for their target to ingest. A maple syrup dispenser jar can be utilised in the same manner.

Ti Jean the fire Loa

Ti Jean is a fire Loa, who lives in the bushes. He is a powerful magician who primarily deals with black magic and he’s part of secret Voodoo societies (sanpwèl). Like most Loas who fall under the Petro rite, his possessions are unbelievably violent and it takes quite some times for people to regain their consciousness after he leaves the body. He dances on fire, and his offering, a sheep, is usually burn to the ashes.
He is viewed as a one legged dwarf who is surprisingly very agile in climbing his favourite tree; the coconut tree. He always wear a straw hat, and carry a baton for support.
People show great respect for Ti Jean, as he is known to set houses on fire when he is mad. He always wears a straw hat, and carries a baton for support. Many considered him to be the son of Erzulie Dantor, and believe that they are also involved an in incestuous relationship. But that is untrue, Erzulie Dantor is known to have only one child named Anaise who is affectionately called Ti Koukoun. He is also involved with Marinette.
His ceremony takes place on Saint Jean Day, June 24th, whose image is also use to depict him. His colour is Yellow.

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Coconut House Cleanse Powder

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Speed it up powder

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Quarrel Spice

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This powder is a wonderful blend of common kitchen items That really pack a wonderful punch for love!

This mixture is designed to make a lover or desired lover choose you above love rivals.

It is extremely useful for getting your current Lover to be faithful and stay away from temptation.

It is also very good for attaching the attention of someone who seems to have too many admirers of the opposite sex to notice you.

I learned this particular spell from an exotic dancer who said that she used it to ensure that her best clients always came back and that her boyfriend also stayed out of the strip club.

This powder appears to have the unique ability to find a target to you personally regardless of context.

I personally have had great success with this work using it in lover return working where the break up was caused by an interfering rival love.

One more note about this particular powder. I have been told twice that it is the base of a recipe called “honey cakes“. Although I know several spells it go by that name I have not found any that use this particular blend. Both of the people that told me about this recipe said they did not know it but that use brown, fresh chicken eggs.

If you know that recipe I would absolutely love to have it! More than happy to give credit to whoever can provide the recipe, the spell, and information about the providence and tradition.

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Jar is always represent the energy environment that we wish to create around our target. We can fill this environment with herbs, oils, roots, curios, and other items that complement what we need to happen in the situation. This ensures that the environment around our target will specifically push them to have the results that we desire.

The petition always is the source of how that environment will affect the target. A well and simply written petition with specific requirements is best for jar work. In general try to keep it to a dozen words or less when you write a petition. And be certain that there is no way the petition can come about and also be something other than what you intended. For example; do not say “make John realise his true feelings for me” when what you mean is “make John fall in love with me”, or better yet “make John love me in a way that I understand and enjoy.” John’s true feelings may not be that he’s in love with you. The jar can change that, but only if the petition instructed to do so.

It’s also very important to remember with any jar work that you absolutely must say a prayer over the jar asking that a piece of your target soul be put inside. If their soul is not in the jar than the jar is not going to affect them very strongly or at all. Putting the soul in does not guarantee success, but leaving it out does guarantee failure.

Adding personal effects to the jar helps to strengthen the link especially for manifesting things in the physical world. Hair, fingernail clippings, blood, sexual fluids, and other actual bodily effects are the strongest for producing physical manifestation of your desired results as quickly as possible.

In general positive jars should contain an odd number of ingredients and items. These ingredients should count and include the petition and any personal effects. So a petition, plus hair, plus rose petals, plus honey, plus cinnamon would equal five items. Negative jars on the other hand should try to stick to an even number of items.

Jars typically will work faster the more often that you work them. If you need the results to be as quick as possible the daily working is probably your best bet. On the other hand if you need the results to be slow but steady working once or twice a week is the best way to go. And if you feel like you’ve already gotten everything where you need to be and just want to maintain that you Wishon and not lose ground working the jar once or twice a month should do the trick.

If you have A jar that seems to be moving if you might want to look at putting the jar into a bath of water in a pot on the stove and slowly heating it up this can help to speed up results. Be careful about doing this with you or is that contain water, or if they contain any substance that has a lot of water in it like vinegar. You may want to open the lid on the jar so that the steam can escape.

Last but not least when you were working a long term jar is always important to remember to break the wax off at least once a month and give the jar a good shake at least once a week. Too much buildup of wax and too much laying still will slow the magic down and prevent things from changing and moving.

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Protective Measures

Protective Measures

Against the Evil Eye:
Hang Dill weed over all windows and doorways in the home
Wear a blue eye bead for constant personal protection. Hang one from the rear-view mirror of your car, as well.
Keep a cimaruta (an Italian Talisman sporting multiple symbols) on your altar to stave off interference in your magical work.
Against Nightmares:
Keep a silver bell in your bedroom and ring it to drive off nightmare-causing evil spirits each night before you to go bed.
A small dish of coffee beans kept by the bed staves off nightmares.
Rosemary plants placed near the bed shield against unpleasant dreams.
For Safe Automobile Travel:
Keep a whole Ash leaf in the glove box for magical protection
Keep a Tiger’s Eye in the vehicle to protect against accidents
Hang a mojo bag filed with wormwood and plantain from the rearview mirror to prevent negative spirits from taking on the position of co-pilot.
Against Malevolence in the Home:
Once a month, use a sprig of rosemary to asperge all thresholds with a mixture of 1 Tablespoon of saltpeter to a gallon of water. Pay special attention to the front and back doors.
Place aloe vera plants above the doorway to repel malevolent spirits and nasty magic. Use red geraniums outdoors – if your property allows it, plant them to form a boundary- to keep bewitchments at bay.
Place Fu dog statues – the Asian dogs that look as if they’re part lion – on either side of the front door as “Security guards.” It’s said that using a matched pair of male and female is most effective. (The male is usually portrayed playing with a ball.) Raise them off the ground as much as possible, so they can get a clear view of anything coming their way.
As Papa Legba holds the keys to the gates between the worlds and decides who enters and who doesn’t, place his statue behind the front door. (A statue of St. Peter may be substituted, as he was designated by the enslaved as Papa Legba’s Christian counterpart when it was necessary to hide their religious activities.) Offer him Rum every Monday – Barbancourt is a good choice IF you can find it – and occasionally, supplement with good cigars, cigarettes, and candy.
Against Pet Harm:
As pets take the brunt of any malicious activity aimed towards us, its’ important to safeguard them as well. For dogs, a disc depicting Diana and charged with protection works well when added to the collar. For Cats, obtain a disc depicting Bast. If neither is available to you, a St. Francis of Assisi medal will work well for either.

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Casting Circle For Protection

Casting Circle For Protection

Marking out your circle First, you want to
decide where to create your circle. Whether you have an altar or just a peaceful corner of your home – or maybe outside in nature – pick a place where you are undisturbed so that you can focus and work in peace. It’s not necessary to mark out your circle, but some like to do it for ritual purposes, or for protection. You can mark the boundaries of the circle with a long piece of cord, or put candles or rocks along the edges. Some Witches like to use crystals corresponding to each of the cardinal points (each point represents one of the four elements). Some people use orgonite on the edges of their circles as they feel it adds extra protection. It’s completely up to you how you would like to mark out or decorate your circle! The casting The next step is to conjure the pure energy that will surround and protect you. There are as many ways to do this as there are practitioners, so you will find a way that is suitable to you and your practices. How to cast a basic circle of protection Here is an example of a basic circle casting which can be performed quickly and easily without the use of tools. Stand in the middle of your circle. Relax and breathe deeply. Imagine that your crown (the top of your head) opens up like a funnel to receive divine, white light. Your crown is always connected to the divine and to your Higher Self, and you can open up and amplify this channel at your will. Open your arms, palms facing out. With each in-breath, visualise yourself pulling down pure, divine light through your crown, and as you breathe out you channel this light out through your palms to create a protective shield around you. As you fill the space around you with this high-vibration energy you may feel a tingle or buzz, you may get goose bumps, or you’ll feel light and uplifted. Now hold one arm outstretched (the one you write with) and point to the edge of the circle. Spin around clockwise three times, mentally marking out your circle with the divine light. Then raise your arms above your head and say: “I ask that the God and Goddess bless this circle So that I may be free and protected within this space So mote it be” You are now ready to cast your spell or perform your ritual. To close your circle, hold out your arm and spin around anti-clockwise three times and feel the protective light dispersing. Thank the Spirits for their presence and declare the circle closed. How to cast an advanced circle of protection This is an example of a more advanced circle ritual, for which you will need a compass, four candles, and if you have an athame or wand you can use that to direct the energy. You can use white candles, or coloured candles for each point: North – Green East – Yellow South – Red West – Blue Use the compass and place the candles at each of the cardinal points. Light the North candle and say: “Guardians of the North, Element of Earth I call upon thee to be present during this ritual Please join me now and bless this circle” Light the East candle and say: “Guardians of the East, Element of Air I call upon thee to be present during this ritual Please join me now and bless this circle” Light the South candle and say: “Guardians of the South, Element of Fire I call upon thee to be present during this ritual Please join me now and bless this circle” Light the West candle and say: “Guardians of the West, Element of Water I call upon thee to be present during this ritual Please join me now and bless this circle” Now take your wand or athame and point it to the edge of the circle. Spin around clockwise three times, and visualise a bright white light entering you through your crown and direct it out through your arm, down through your tool and out to form the edge of your circle. Then stand in the middle, and feel this white, divine light filling the circle and immersing your entire being. Say: “God and Goddess, Guardian Angels, and Spiritual Guides Please be present with me during this ritual Bless this circle and keep me protected No unwanted entities are welcome here Only pure, divine beings are invited into this space The circle is cast So mote it be” You are now ready to cast your spell or perform your ritual. To close your circle, take your wand or athame and spin around anti-clockwise three times and feel the protective light dispersing. Thank the Spirits and Elements for their presence and declare the circle closed

Protection Potion

Protection Potion
This will grant you protection from fear and harm
Tree bark
Vanilla extract
Dried apple
Put pieces of the tree bark in a pot.
Add a small amount of the vanilla extract and the dried apple.
Add a pinch of rosemary.
Boil the content in water.
Drink the tea potion.