Blue Pentacle Visualisation-The “Go Away!” Spell

Blue Pentacle Visualisation-The “Go Away!” Spell
For Getting Rid of Annoying or Abusive People
This is a nice little spell to get rid of people who are bothering you or are in your face.

When the person comes near you just visualise a blazing blue pentacle on his/her forehead. Next, (mentally) say these words:

“I banish you in the name of the positive powers of the universe!”

This little spell works very well, and it harms no one. It just keeps them away from you. It even works on intoxicated people and people on drugs, as well as people who have bad intentions towards you.

(Some people visualise blue flames coming out of the pentacle a little way. This also does not harm anyone). You don’t even have to think that you banish them. Just visualise the blue pentacle, with our without blue flames coming out a little way).