September: Sapphire

Although they’re occasionally found in white or yellow, most sapphires appear in various shades of blue, from pale to dark. The color reminds us of the sapphire’s strong connection to water, and its astrological ties to the zodiac sign of Libra. Connected to the throat chakra, this gemstone is related to treating disorders of the respiratory system and breathing issues.

On a magical level, use sapphires for rituals involving prophecy and spirit guides. In addition, some magical traditions believe that sapphire can be used as a defense mechanism against black magic and hostile psychic attack.

Finally, sapphire is also associated with love and fidelity – if you want to maintain a loyal relationship in your love life, wear a sapphire. However, if the person you’re involved with betrays you, get rid of any sapphires they may have given you as a gift.