November: Topaz or Citrine

Topaz is one of two stones associated with November birthdays. It is connected to honesty and trust, loyalty and fidelity, internal enlightenment, and protection from deceit. Wear topaz to prevent people from lying or gossiping about you – if someone is spreading malicious rumors, a topaz can protect you from the fallout. It can also be useful if you want to discover someone else’s secrets.

Bethany Schelling at the National Paranormal Society says, “For centuries, Topaz has been worn and kept close to increase intelligence and creativity. This gemstone has often been called, “the stone of love and success in all endeavors”. As early as Ancient Egypt, Topaz was thought to be colored by their Sun God, Ra. Because of this, the gemstone made a very powerful amulet to wear to protect them from harm. The Romans also felt that Jupiter, their Sun God, was responsible for the gemstone as well. Even Ancient Greeks thought Topaz contained powers of strength. It was worn in battles by some, because they believed it would make them invisible during severe circumstances. Topaz was also used by many diplomats to help discover secret plans by their enemies and improve them with strategic planning.”

Citrine is tied to magic relating to success and prosperity, happiness and vitality, and protection from outside influences. Like topaz, it’s associated with the powers of the sun, and can be used to enhance personal power and self-esteem, as stimulating the intellect. If you’re having trouble communicating because you struggle to articulate your thoughts and feelings to others, carry or wear citrine with you.