May: Emerald

The lush green tones of emeralds are known the world over, and it often can be useful in boosting the spirit when you’re feeling emotionally vulnerable. The Egyptians considered it a sacred stone of eternal life, and were used in talismans by the ancient Greeks, including Aristotle.

CrescentMoon over at HubPages recommends, “This stone has been used in love magic, magic to promote sales, to increase public awareness at a firm. You may use this stone to calm your mind as well. It can help give someone the ability to meditate a little bit easier and to understand people as well. It can neutralize negative influences. This stone may also be used to help predict the future… if you want to learn secrets, emerald may also help with that.”

Use emerald to revive lost passion, lift the spirits, restore confidence and self-esteem, or even boost business in times of economic downturn.