June: Pearl or Alexandrite

Pearls appear in the magic and folklore of a number of different cultures. Ancient Hindu texts say that Krishna himself discovered the first pearl, which is associated with the moon, and became a symbol of purity and love when he gave it to his daughter as a wedding gift.

Some people believe that pearls absorb the energy of the wearer. If you wear a pearl when you’re angry, the pearl will take on those angry properties, and you’ll feel it the next time you wear the pearl. On the other hand, it’s also believed to hold good memories, so wearing a pearl on the day of a happy event is always beneficial.

Alexandrite is fairly new in the grand scheme of magical crystals and gemstones – it wasn’t discovered until the early 19th century, and was named for Czar Alexander of Russia. It quickly became known as a symbol of good luck to the Russian army, as well as the aristocracy.

Use alexandrite to boost courage and self-esteem, and to bring about success. You can also use it to block negative energy from those around you. Wearing alexandrite provides an extra layer of psychic self-defense