July: Ruby

The bright red ruby is July’s birthstone, and is associated with power and strength, as well as passion and recovery. In addition, rubies are connected to mental health. Use rubies in workings related to developing your personal power and overcoming your fears and challenges.

In some magical traditions, the ruby is used to provide self-defense against negative energy and hostile magic, so you can wear or carry one to give yourself a little extra layer of psychic protection. It’s also useful if you need to recover from a broken heart, depressive states, or other emotional issues that leave you feeling down.

Some people believe that a ruby worn on the left side of the body will help to ensure fair relationships with others – if you feel like someone has been taking advantage of your good nature, carry a ruby with you to put you back on equal footing. You can also use ruby’s properties in situations in which you want to influence others to see your side of an argument or situation.