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Dream Job Spell

Following is a spell written to help you get your dream job.

Before you perform this spell, take some time to really think about what your dream job would be like.

Don’t get too hung up on the details of the dream job to begin with – instead, think of what you would like to feel every day when you go to your job.

A sense of accomplishment for doing well at something you really enjoy? Happiness at working with such great co-workers?

Admiration and respect for your wonderful boss? List all of this down.

Next, you can get more detailed about the specifics of the job if you want -your job duties, the location, etc. But try to keep an open mind.

The most important things to look for in your dream job are the feelings you will feel during the work week, so leave it to the Universe to decide on the details which will help you feel this way.

Once you have done this, it’s time to perform your spell.

This is best cast on a full or waxing moon.

Ingredients for the Dream Job Spell

Pen and a piece of A5 paper

Dried basil

A small pouch

Dream Job Spell

Start by casting your circle, and calling on any gods, goddesses, spirit guides or other guardians that you feel an affinity with.

Take some time to clear your mind and ground yourself properly.

Next, you are going to write an advert for your dream job.

Keep in mind everything you came up with before performing the spell, when writing this. Write the advertisement as if it was written specifically for you, and while you do so, imagine how thrilled the people hiring will be to find someone who fits their exact specifications.

Imagine how lucky they will be to have you, as well as the other way around.

Fold the paper three times and say:

For the greater good of all and with harm to none,

This spell is bound, and will not to be undone.

By the power of three times three,

As I will, so mote it be.

Place the paper in the pouch, along with the dried basil leaves. You will now carry this pouch with you at all times until you find your dream job.

Thanks any guardians you called on to help you perform the spell, and close your circle. While you are waiting, try not to obsess too much about finding the job – the Universe is bringing it to you, and until then, your job is to trust and have faith that everything will work out for you.

Take time to do things that you enjoy, and cultivate feelings of ease and joyfulness in your everyday life – the same feelings you would feel if you had your dream job. Follow your intuition at all times, because your dream job might come to you in unexpected ways. If you get a nudge from your intuition, follow it and see where it goes. Soon, your dream job will be yours.


Write the name of your enemy on a piece of paper and place it in a plastic bag with a zipper closure.
Fill it 3 quarters full of water, zip it shut, and put it in your freezer.



In Hecate’s name we bind ____ to the flame
May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain
We cast ____ to the wind, that all know ____ shame
May Hecate envelope ____ in the threefold law
May all forget ____’s shame, their harm, their call
May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls
We join our energies fellow friends in the Craft
May Hecate stop ___’s harm in the future, present and past
Only when their deeds are reversed will this binding be uncast
So Mote It Be!

Tarot for Beginners



( method of calling , insights ) Moderate

If some one who have died you know with some vital info that you require , what ever it is you can perform working to retrieve the information by going to there grave and getting things done which you will be venturing into the world known as necromancy .

Be certain that you possess the courage from beginning to end to complete the task ,

You will need two sacks one made of red cloth and the other of white the cloth should be sew with black thread and strong enough to hold the weight of some dirt,

Carry alone some coins in odd numbers meaning 3 ,5 or 7 , the coins must not be silver .In advance know the questions in which will be ask , be serious this is not a game so the ritual must matter .The is most powerful on a Wednesday while the planet mercury is ruling between the hours of 12 an and 3 am .

On reaching the grave , Strip butt naked and chant out aloud ONLY ONCE ( I come in peace ) Then proceed to dig a hole on top of the grave , yo can use a knife or a small scoop .

As you dig the hole full the two small sacks with the dirt as the bags is fill put the coins in the hole and cover the hole from surrounding dirt , as yo do so say the following only once ( In the name of GOD I make payment here and again “ call the name of the dead person “ for help I shall ask of your spirit ,

Now if the grave is cemented over , where would you dig , In that case dig the ground near the or underneath the head stone , or cross that mark the grave , the coins should be put as I mention above . Starting from the east direction walk slowly around the grave in an anti clock wise direction .

As yo walk hold the red sack in such a way that the dirt trickles from it into the ground after you . As you do so repeatedly call the name of the dead person in a slow form voice

When the dirt in the red sack runs out .

Repeat the process with the white sack .

When the dirt is finish from the both sacks .

It should from a circle around the grave with you inside / within the circle . please hold the sacks in your right hand when you are moving anti clock wise around the grave .

After doing so , stand on top of the grave , then start to call the name of the dead person repeatedly and state clear and firm the calling is to call for an appearance of the spirit to answer questions or to bring forward answers .Continue calling until you feel the grave have tremble beneath your feet .

Pause for a very short while, then resume calling again in a much firm tone and repeating why you summoned the spirited of the deceased , From experience several things may happen when the trembling stops ….

You may envelop in whitish smoke and hear the voice of the dead person as how it was when they was alive …

You may suddenly see a human form shape on or near the head stone , the form will proceed to walk to you ,

Do not look at it for to long at a time , rather look only briefly at it and cast your eyes away or look down wards as you commence to ask your questions …

You may may not see the apparitions nor the whitish smoke as I mention rather you may only hare a voice coming from the grave …

What ever happen it is important that you do not run , but stand firm and ask the voice or the questions you are seeking answers for . It is vital that you have your emptions in check and do not be afraid …losing balance will invite lurking entities .However do not stay to long in the presents of the form if it does appear ….

A duration time of an hour I very good for your conversation , beside at 3 am the voice , spirit / apparition will disappear . After obtaining the info need , give thanks to the spirit and leave the grave by breaking the circle with your foot or hand get dress and leave .

Unless ask ny the spirit , do not reveal your contract within you and the entity, you may only do so if the spirit say it must be done as we the spirit will reveal to you who to past the into to and when …

PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST APPLY YOUR PROTECTION BEFORE PROCEEDING …..People this goes deep ..very very very deep ..This is just a small insight

Keep a Big Person Down Spell…

This spell is designed to knock
someone down a notch or two after they have gotten too big for their britches, like rich and arrogant. For this ritual you will need…. Blue candle …Black pen …Piece of paper ….Bitter aloes ….Cayenne pepper ….Black poppet doll ….Black thread….Black lace …………Put the blue candle on your altar and light it. Write your target’s name on a slip of paper with black ink. Take a small black poppet doll and rip open its
back and put in the paper with the name along with some bitter aloes and cayenne pepper. Sew the rip up again with the black thread. Tie the hands of the doll behind its back and make a black veil from the lace and tie it over the face. Make a knot behind it so that the person it represents will be blind and
always do stupid things to keep from progressing. Place the doll in a kneeling position in a dark corner where it won’t be disturbed. Your target will be frustrated as long as the doll is not disturbed. ….TO REVERSE IS TO BURN THE DOLL AND SCATTER THE ASHES IN LIVING WATER ….WARNING VERY POWERFUL ……



Goofer dust has been around for a long time and it possess great power, You can get this dust from your suppler or online , however you can get it your self first hand from the cemetery , Select a grave any particular grave and proceed to dig under the head stone of the grave , dig about 5 to 6 inches and put the dirt at that depth into a bag an envelop etc Before leaving for home leave an odd number of coins , pennies or cents in the hole you have dig and cover it up , It is very important as well when you have select a grave and before you start to dig you say aloud you come in peace , make the appropriate incarnation .When you collect the dust in this way cross a river or running water or over a light square camphor at least 3 times before going home with the dust , Having acquired the dust either way by store or on your own …You can sew it up in a piece of clean black or red cloth .At least once a week apply incarnations into the cloth by consecration and anoint the cloth with van van and high john the conqueror oil. The dust treated in this manner has the power to attract to you the things you desire in life .The cloth containing the goofer dust must be kept on you , in your wallet , purse , hand bag , pocket etc As often as you can carry it with you , Or better yet …keep it with you .At least once a week apply your incarnations and anointing and bring forward your incarnations and state what you want , you can hold it in your right hand and do so as well ….In time success cannot help but come to you 



Within evocation strange things happen / occurs within which is projected to the entities .From many evocations perform the experience remains the same It is the tug of war between my self and the entity ,It will feel as if you and the entity are pulling at the ends of a cord that is connected to your solar plexus Whats works for me is not to attempt to force control by any act of will . To establish control is not by forcing but by simply maintaining a conscious hold over your rapture or state of pure divine and by simply watching the tug of war feeling continue between oneself and the entity, THAT WHY ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE A SOUND MIND BEFORE PERFORMING AN EVOCATION . In short it will be your passive resistance that will force the entity to surrender its attempts to control the situation and to surrender its will to you. It will all happen in the twinkling of an eye. You are now a divine being and the entity is subject to your will. It will relent, Tis is after the chain of curse have been execute ( if necessary ) Another point is the entity or entities according to their sphere of nature one or more may appear at first but one will remain and will ask you what he or she wishes and will remind the you that he and his ministers and legions can only fulfill that which is in their office or powers to fulfill. Keep the dialogue short , straight to the point , NO GAMES !!!Then bring forth your commands and execute the license to depart



The elemental weapons is important within the arts of high magic, The dagger , the wand , the cup etc here is a small insight of the sword .The sword can be of any length, but it should be long enough to intimidate when pointed, as if it could be extended safely through the circle to injure the entity if required, while yet keeping you at a safe distance. Because of this consideration, I recommend a sword between forty and fifty inches in length, a length of forty five inches being ideal. I use a real custom made sword for powerful entities , Like Adrammelech , ahriman .lucifer, shemyaza etc , It must also be double edged and razor sharp principally because sharp edges threaten to further divide and dissect the entity nature, which is already unstable, already divided as it were. These entities fear further division of their qualities as much as we fear losing our awareness of ourselves or our memories. This sharpness, added to the martial qualities of destruction, bloodshed and slaughter embodied in the weapon. Its cooperation is further enforced by holding the sword in the right hand which is the side of the holy tree of life that contains geburah and mars, the god of war.Be sure the sword is not so heavy that you cannot wield it and point it at the entity with your outstretched arm.That course of action must never be done without strength and this includes the physical strength with which you handle the weapon. The sword is to be made during the day and hour ruled by mars the moon being waxing to full phase that is, during its first or second phase and like the pentacle anytime between the second day after the new moon to the day before the full moon.Luna should also be in a fire sign of the zodiac. First move is to apply holy water the names inscribed and then suffumigated with the dominican brand incense, not some herb or incense that corresponds to mars. Why???? Because the magical name AGLA, written on one side of the blade and on the other side, the name on which is an abbreviation of the most holy is the TETRAGRAMMATON… While the names can be painted on, I recommend inscribing them deeply into the blade, and then painting them over with a deep, dark red or magenta enamel paint the same color blood. The manifest demon will recognize the significance along with the meaning of the weapon and the sharp edges, through the will of oneself . So done it cannot fail to produce a genuine threat to and ensure the obedience of the spirit. You must maintain these conditions to succeed.People with low level entities you can make a wooden sword to start to creep before you walk …..



AGREEMENT / CONTRACT ..( PACTS ) I need each one to truly understand this, for the next lesson is goes hand in hand with this

People do not always get anything or every thing they want . This is because everyone cannot be leader of the world and we all cannot be the richest person in the world. Therefore do not always reach out towards a devil and expect the most.But also you should be clever too and realise that it is not always necessary, for you to give everything to get what you want. An understanding of things is required so that you then know the lay of the land. The world is quite widespread, in so much as these demonic pacts are much more widespread than people would like you to imagine.But also realise that although people will want to lead you to believe otherwise, People please take note even the most firm of pacts can have an escape route through God. I say this but also hope you understand that a contract should only ever be made with the intention of sticking firmly to a contract. This means that the contract and pacts you make is very important and nothing should be done without putting careful though into what you truly want first and seeing what it really means. But also there are different devils and demons and in actual fact there are different ways of using them and many of these demonic beings are actually for different things,they have different powers and domains within there sphere will not bring your desire if its not in there office .